The PlayStation 4 Has Peaked (Premium)

The PlayStation 4 Has Peaked

For the first time, Sony sold fewer PlayStation 4 consoles in the holiday quarter than it did a year earlier. If history is any guide, that indicates that sales have peaked and that we're on the other side of the sales curve now. How will Sony respond?

Like many other tech firms, Sony announced its quarterly earnings this past week. Among the data points is that the firm sold has now sold 76.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles (all versions) to actual customers since its launch in late 2013. By comparison, Sony sold 80 million PlayStation 3 consoles over that device's entire 7-year lifetime. So the PS4 has almost equaled the total sales of its predecessor in less than two-thirds the time. The PS4 is, by any measure, a smash success. And it is, of course, the best-selling console of this generation by a very wide margin.

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