Xbox Party Chat Lands on Android and iOS

Microsoft yesterday announced the arrival of Xbox’s Party Chat feature for its mobile apps on Android and iOS. The company tested the feature with some users for the past few weeks, but this week it’s being rolled out to all users.

Party Chat is included in the latest update for the Xbox app on Android and iOS. The update lets users start new party chats, join existing ones, or chat with text and even voice from their phone. You can also invite others to a party chat, or control the settings for a chat using the mobile apps.

Party Chat is something that’s more interactive when you are actually in a game, but being able to access your chats whenever you are away from home removes the need for using third-party apps like Discord. Notably, there’s been a recent rise in the numbers of Discord users requesting an app for Xbox One, but that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon unless Discord decides to build a native UWP app.

You can get Xbox’s new app updates for Android here, and for iOS here.

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