Microsoft’s E3 Broadcast Sets Twitch Record

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Brad Sams in Games with 11 Comments

Microsoft Plans "Biggest E3 Showing Ever"

Last week, the gaming world was filled with announcements with everything from a new Halo game to Fortnite coming to the Switch. But as with every year, who ‘won’ the show is always up for debate.

While there are many ways to measure success, according to Githyp, a gaming analytics company that monitors Twitch activity, Microsoft had the most watched stream during the show. More so, the stream was the most watched live-stream of any event, ever, on the Amazon-owned gaming streaming platform.

At its peak, there were 1.7 million viewers watching the company’s E3 event which is significantly higher than last years’ stream of 1.1 million concurrent viewers. It should be noted that Microsoft also had the highest viewed live-stream last year during E3 showing that their success in 2017 wasn’t a one-off because of the Xbox One X.

Here’s the rest of the stream stats for E3 to help provide a better picture of Microsoft vs the rest of the industry:

  • Microsoft / Xbox — 1.7 Million viewers (1.1 Million in 2017)
  • Ubisoft — 1.6 Million viewers (986K in 2017)
  • Sony / PlayStation — 1.5 Million viewers (926K in 2017)
  • Bethesda — 964K viewers (233K in 2017)
  • PC Gaming Show — 893K viewers (552K in 2017)
  • Nintendo / Switch — 679K viewers (292K in 2017)
  • EA (Electronic Arts) — 528K viewers (676K in 2017)

Considering that Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle against Sony, this can only be a good thing for the Xbox brand. The company has a long way to go to overtake Sony in the console race, but they are being aggressive with acquisitions and trying to attract exclusives to the platform.

There is no question about it though, for two years in a row, the Xbox has attracted a significant amount of attention. And with the company working on a new generation of devices and also selling the ‘most powerful console’, the future certainly looks brighter than the past.

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