Games with Gold for March 2015

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 1 Comment

It’s almost March, so Microsoft is talking up the free games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get over the next 30 or so days as part of its Games for Gold program. And March is a particularly good month, with Xbox 360 users in particular getting two pretty amazing AAA titles.

As previously reported in Got Xbox Live Gold? Then Get Free Xbox One and 360 Games Every Month, anyone with an Xbox Gold Live subscription should add every one of these games to their collection, even if they don’t own either console. That way, if you do get an Xbox One or 360 later, you’ll have a game library waiting

Here’s how it usually works: Every month, Xbox One owners can download the one game that Microsoft is offering for free. But Xbox 360 users usually get two, with the first offered through the 15th of the month and the second offered for the second half of the month. March follows this schedule.

Here’s what’s free in the coming month.

Starting Sunday, March 1, Xbox One gamers can get Rayman: Legends for free. This game normally retails for $39.99 and is described as “one of the best platformers ever made.”


From March 1 to March 15, Xbox 360 gamers can get Tomb Raider, a former AAA retail title that now retails for $19.99 in digital form. This one is a modern take on the classic Tomb Raider game, of course, and got really good reviews.


From March 16 to March 31, Xbox 360 gamers can snag Bioshock Infinite, the critically-acclaimed AAA retail title that currently retails for $29.99. This one is a must-have (and I already bought it so I’m out of luck here).


Interestingly, Microsoft is also starting to talk up April too, apparently because gamers have now downloaded over 100 million Games with Gold titles since the program launched in mid-2013. In this coming month, the software giant promises twice the free games, with four free games on Xbox 360, and two free games on Xbox One. No word yet on what those titles will be, however.

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