Tip: Crackdown is Free for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Posted on November 9, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox 360, Xbox One with 3 Comments

While Crackdown 3 for Xbox One has been delayed three times already, Microsoft has quietly made the first game in the series available for free.

And I highly recommend you go get it: The first Crackdown is a great game.

News of this new freebie comes courtesy of Neowin, which notes that it’s really free to keep, and not just a “play free for a limited time” type of thing. That said, you should grab it quickly because it may return to a paid item at any time.

The original Crackdown was released in 2010 and it sold briskly right out of the gate for one reason only: Anyone who purchased the Xbox 360 title got an access code for the eagerly-awaited Halo 3 Beta. But what’s interesting about Crackdown is that it stands on its own, and it remains one of the best game ever released for that console.

And now it works on Xbox One, too, thanks to Backward Compatibility. So it’s a no-brainer for any Xbox fan.

You can download Crackdown for free from the Microsoft Store.


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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Tip: Crackdown is Free for Xbox One and Xbox 360”

  1. Ron Diaz

    l loved the original Crackdown so much it was the reason I bought an Xbox One in order to get Crackdown 3.

    That really worked out well for me...

  2. Elan Gabriel

    Worth noting it's also Xbox One X enhanced BC title.

  3. sniem

    Tried to download in Germany - "not valid in your region"...