Microsoft Now Lets You Earn Rewards by Playing Xbox One Games

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 6 Comments

Microsoft is introducing an interesting aspect for its game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. The company is introducing Xbox Game Pass Quests today, and it’s supposed to help users earn Microsoft Rewards points by playing games.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can earn up to 2100 Microsoft Rewards points every month by playing Xbox Game Pass titles. There is a catch, though: you can only play certain games and have to finish specific quests to earn points every month on select games.

For January, Microsoft has the following quests:


  • Extraction Expert: Complete two specific extraction achievements in Tom Clancy’s The Division to get up to 200 points. You earn points with each achievement. Complete this before January 31.
  • Metro Redux: Play Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux to complete four specific achievements and get up to 200 points. You earn points with each achievement.
  • Adventurer: Bring out your inner adventurer and get up to 200 points when you complete two specific achievements in Strange Brigade. You earn points with each achievement.
  • Achievement Hunter: Get points with your first achievement and continue to complete up to 21 achievements in any combination of Xbox Game Pass games to get a maximum of 600 points.
  • Genre Explorer: Get 300 points when you complete an achievement in three games from different genres.
  • Play something new: Complete an achievement in a Xbox Game Pass title that was added in December to get 100 points.
  • Quest Master: Complete all Xbox Game Pass quests to get an additional 500 points.

You will need to finish the above quests to get your Rewards points by February 3, as Microsoft will be releasing new quests on February 4. The quests are only available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in the United States.

Xbox Game Pass quests are an interesting concept, to be honest. It’s not clear exactly what Microsoft is planning to do here, but the idea does some quite a nice way of Xbox One owners getting Rewards points that they can use to buy new titles or redeem it for something else.


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Microsoft Now Lets You Earn Rewards by Playing Xbox One Games”

  1. yoshi

    I've had this in the Rewards app on Xbox One for a little while now. I was wondering if/when they would put it directly onto the Game Pass tab. I love the rewards program. People seem to scoff at me when I talk about it, mostly because they don't want to use Bing. But all it takes is 5 minutes a day to earn all your points and they add up rather quickly. Not sure why so many people don't take advantage of this.

  2. quikah

    This is really a revamp of the old quest system. Previously they had similar activities required which would get you some random swag like a $5 GC or some in game items. They used to be more geared towards a specific game though. This is a more flexible system, though the rewards seem a bit less.

  3. RM

    I use Bing rewards all the time and play on Xbox, so this is great news to me. Maybe I will finally start playing more games instead of hours and hours on the same few games.

  4. IanYates82

    Only the US... :(

    Ho hum.

    Cool idea though

  5. ncgrove

    This is such a sweet deal for gamers. A lot of the sweepstakes you can enter with rewards points are also geared for gamers.