Microsoft to Talk Next Gen Consoles at E3 2019

Posted on February 22, 2019 by Brad Sams in Games with 4 Comments

In June, Microsoft will be heading to Los Angeles where the company will be hosting its annual E3 keynote. And even though Sony won’t be there, Microsoft is not holding back on making significant announcements.

Microsoft will not be shipping its next-gen consoles until the fall of 2020 but the company is preparing to talk more about the hardware this year at E3, 2019, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. Don’t expect to hear pricing just yet, but the company wants it to be known that they are moving full steam ahead with the upcoming Lockhart and Anaconda devices and will begin to peel back the onion on these two devices.

Last year, the company teased Halo Infinite and that title will be a launch game for the upcoming hardware. With a brand new game engine, the team behind the game is trying to make the story adapt to decisions the user makes and the game may have more RPG (role-playing game) elements than prior versions of the series.

What else will the company be talking about? GamePass will receive a few updates this year and of course, expect the company to highlight new titles coming to the platform as well.

Plans around the event are still coming together but the company is starting to lock-down the announcements for the keynote. Seeing as the event is still about four months away, the company could change plans and alter their keynote but for now, expect to hear more about the plans for Scarlett family of devices at E3 2019.

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