Xbox One S “All Digital Edition” Expected in April

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox One with 42 Comments

Tell me if this sounds familiar, Microsoft is going to ship an Xbox One S without a disc drive? That’s the information that I reported back in November and others are now starting to hear the same.

Specifically, Jez Corden is hearing that in April, Microsoft will announce the Xbox Maverick console and that it will be called the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Further, he is hearing early May availability, and I have previously heard that it is likely May 7th, or around that date.

Additionally, Jez is also hearing about the Fortnite console is coming too that I reported on back in January as well. Look for a purple colored Xbox from Microsoft that likely follows a branded boxes like the Minecraft or Gears of War devices.

The one thing that has not been confirmed by others, but I am confident that has been in development, is the disc-to-digital program where you can trade in your console disc to receive a digital entitlement for a game that you already own. This program is a requirement for the new disc-less console otherwise current Xbox gamers would not be able to use their old physical games with the new console.

I expect the disc-to-digital program to spin up right around the same time as the console is released, or possibly a bit earlier, with the trade-in locations being the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and possibly more. As you can imagine, not everyone is happy with the idea of a disc-less future, especially retailers, but you can either fight the future or adapt to the new market realities.

As we march towards the Game Developer conference in the next couple of weeks and E3 in June, Microsoft is preparing to make a significant number of gaming announcements.

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Comments (42)

42 responses to “Xbox One S “All Digital Edition” Expected in April”

  1. OwenM

    Presumably if we require a DVD drive, we'll be able to connect USB powered DVD Drive to the Xbox. I don't buy games on disk at all, but the DVD drive does sometimes come in handy for watching movies.

    • zybch

      In reply to OwenM:

      Unlikely to happen. In many consoles (in fact most that ever used discs) the optical drive was an integral part of the copy protection system either through specially modified disk structures, or the drive itself carrying parts of the OS like the 360 did. Even as unlikely as it may be, letting users add one of hundreds of brands and models of drive with different characteristics just isn't going to be something viable for a console.

  2. paradyne

    I bought my XBox One S just because it had a Blu-Ray player, and to use as a set top box with my Projector. I have only watched one disc on it in the last year and ironically was only a DVD someone lent me. I have played some pinball on it but never even unwrapped the games that came with it!

    I think this makes a lot of sense as an option for those that don't need the disc support (especially if you can plug in a cheap USB DVD/Blu-Ray drive?) if it significantly drops the price of the unit.

  3. Tsang Man Fai

    The disc lovers do not really like discs. They just want to sell their games so as to lower their long term cost of gaming.

    • mestiphal

      In reply to tsangmanfai:

      I can agree with that, and I can also see people wanting to play new games on day one.

      I for one have so many games in backlog, the only times I buy new games is when they have over 75% off, or simply become free with GWG or something similar, hence all my Xbox One games are digital

    • solomonrex

      In reply to tsangmanfai:

      This isn't true though. A lot of people rely on it for Blurays, too. Or have broadband caps! 

      My whole Marvel collection is BluRays, and with Yet Another Streaming Service coming out, I feel totally vindicated. I bought the whole collection for the price of one year of DisneyDoublePlusGood or whatever it is called.

      Obvs this is a move that MS needs to make, along with GamePass but taking discs off the market seems pushy imo? And they're pushing their subscription a bit much too - digital store listing prices as 'Xbox Game Pass' and making me click on it to get the actual price? I nearly subscribed when they had the Forza bundle, it's not a bad deal in some ways, but there's danger in this, esp in the US with broadband caps and widespread ISP corruption and shenanigans.

    • hoomgar

      In reply to tsangmanfai:

      For some that is true I'm sure.  For me, cost has nothing to do with it.  I'm just an old nostalgic and a packrat.  I still have all my game systems and all of their games.

      I do buy digital almost exclusively now though.  I'm a PC gamer and console alike and honestly am not really that worried about it.  It just would be nice to know that I could do with a system like this one what I do with my older ones.  My guess is that is not going to be the case down the road.  Not really a big deal.

  4. irfaanwahid

    Are prices for games going to go down?? Or stick to $59.99

    Just asking :)

  5. dontbe evil

    I'd prefere a One X discless

  6. yoshi

    The only time I use discs is if I rent a game at Redbox. For short campaign games, rather than dropping $60 at launch. But I can live without the discs and wait for sales for those types of games.

  7. David Berk

    Makes sense. Never used the drive on my ps4, wouldn’t mind a unit without one

  8. 2ilent8cho

    This is a very dangerous move, and has consequences we do not yet fully know. I still buy discs where I can. I love gaming and I have Sega Master Systems, Dreamcasts, PS1's , Original Xbox. You know what is great? I can get out my 20 year old Dreamcast and pop the disc in and it works today in 2019!

    What happens to the games I bought from the digital store in 20 or 30 years time ? I've already seen examples on iTunes where due to licensing issues content people have paid for has been removed. I am watching the Xbox 360 very closely as it was my favourite of all consoles and some content was bought digitally if one day the store stops working and I cannot download I will not be happy. Retro gaming quite common so I am not talking about a small minority.

    We need some legal legislation to protect consumers with these digital stores and paid content not being available in the future.

    I just hope Playstation do not follow this idea with the PS5, doubt they will I am sure Playstation made a jab at Microsoft when they tried to do this originally with the Xbox One.

    • hoomgar

      In reply to 2ilent8cho:

      I was already burnt in the early days of DRM.  Both music and music videos.  I paid, they're gone, I checked, there is nothing I can do.

    • zybch

      In reply to 2ilent8cho:

      You do realize this is an OPTION right?

      Its freaking hilarious that all these naysayers that bitch and moan and demonize MS for possibly offering this option and use it as an excuse to promote PC gaming instead.

      You know, PC games that all REQUIRE steam/origin/epic/etc, but apparently digital only on PC is manna from heaven...

  9. venividivinci

    Interesting move pros and cons to digital only future

  10. Jasi

    All the folks complaining about disc drives going away act like there is no way to move content from disc to a USB drive/stick/external drive, etc...I'm guessing they still use paper checks instead of debit cards. The so-called trade-in program is a viable option. Saying you like to view discs or the Wi-Fi is terrible when you are out and about is not a good argument and carries no weight. Besides, no one is making you move to the latest and greatest new device. And nobody should be expected to be fully connected when camping--sheesh!

    The good news is, you still have a choice...get on board--or don't.

  11. IanYates82

    Disc to digital is a good idea.

    I had worried a couple of years ago about not being able to buy cheap second hand games, or share a game with someone else. But in practice I found second-hand games to be very expensive - almost as much as when the game goes on sale anyway (and sometimes more!). And I had enough discs fail that I haven't bought one in 2 years and haven't looked back.

  12. brettscoast

    Thanks for the heads up Brad

  13. pauldain

    "All digital" because the discs were somehow analog?

  14. docpaul

    I'm most curious about size and pricing.

    Also, the disc trade in program sounds nice. I will typically scour eBay for used games at a good price but that are adult owned, in near mint condition. This way I could still buy cheaper games on eBay, but get whatever scratched up garbage is cheapest.

  15. gregsedwards

    Also, before you go on a GameStop raid for used discs, it's not a given that the disc-to-digital trade-in will be 100% cost-free. It's quite possible that you'll be given a certain amount of credit that you can use toward the corresponding digital title. Even if the upgrade cost is minimal, you can bet they'll want to provide enough friction to avoid everyone and their grandma trading in their entire collection just because they can.

    • zybch

      In reply to gregsedwards:

      Piffle. Its in their interest to convet as many ppl to digital as possible. It kills the 2nd hand market from which publishers and devs make absolutely no money. If anything, users 'converting' their physical media to digital may RECEIVE a small amount of credit, at least to begin with.

  16. Mulderjoe

    Will we be able to use the disc-to-digital if we already own an Xbox? Or is that only for those who purchase the disc-less system?

    Ha, autocorrect had fun with that.

  17. William Clark

    Maybe they will call it the Xbox Cool-ADE. Drink the Cool-ADE!

  18. dcdevito

    That is One dumb name.

  19. red.radar

    so my question is ... are people moving away from discs for movies ?

    Seems like a bummer to me.

    • David Berk

      In reply to red.radar:

      I have. I don’t want the clutter of discs and it’s not as if I have the free time to watch the same movies over and over again.

    • bleached

      In reply to red.radar:

      People still use movie disks? In 2019?

    • Elan Gabriel

      In reply to red.radar:

      I'm not, as nothing beats the quality of 4K UHD discs, and I like to re-visit cinema and watch titles which are not (just) Marvel. Having said that, most people are OK with the latest hits available on Neflix HD or Google Play HD. It sucks, but we'll have to buy a dedicated Blu-ray player (which can be better regardless). Unlike movies, there's zero difference with video games so that, and the fact that they're about to force feed Game Pass in anyway that they can, makes sense with going disc-less. It's against consumers, as it's taking options away, but I guess most will see it as better.

      • zybch

        In reply to egab:

        The bluray/UHD argument is the only one that holds any water IMO. But its so much fun watching the PC elitists twist and contort trying to make it look like MS are out to destory gaming by ridding the world of the need to have losable/damagable discs, then trot off to play game XXX on steam or origin etc lol

    • Stooks

      In reply to red.radar:

      Is that a serious question? I personally have not used a disc based movie in at least 2 possibly 3 years now. We used in a great while hit up redbox. Not sure if they are even in business still.

      That said most of what I watch now is via the streaming services I sub too. Netflix, Prime, Hulu and CBS. Hulu and CBS are on and off subs when the few shows I watch are on. For instance I do not have Hulu right now but I do have CBS for Star Trek discovery.

      We have a Apple TV on the two TV's we own and watch everything through them. Occasionally I will rent a movie from Apple. Going to watch BlackKlansman via a iTunes rental Friday.

      On my Xbox I do not own a single game on disc. I have been digital on the Xbox for at least 3 years probably more like 5 now.

      • mestiphal

        In reply to Stooks:

        I ripped all mine and put them in a Plex server. Also much easier for my daughters to pick and choose Netflix style than having to change disks

      • William Clark

        In reply to Stooks:

        While I can't remember the last time I watched a movie on disc I still see a need for physical content. That could be on a hard drive and not a DVD but being able to watch programs without requiring a network connection has its attractions. We boat a lot up here in the Puget Sound and while many marinas have Wifi, it's usually terrible. Barely good enough to surf the web and get email. Streaming? Usually doesn't happen.

        I can see other examples, RV or tent camping, being in an area that doesn't have good reception/Internet or having low bandwidth caps and so on. Being connected all the time is a great concept but the reality is that this is not always possible especially when you're not at home.

        • Elan Gabriel

          In reply to waclark57:

          True. It doesn't have to be one over the other, just the balance will/could go the other way. More digital, less discs. There are many advantages to disc - from better picture and sound quality, more bonus features, ability to play whenever we want and it's also displayable like a book or art. I like to browse other people's collection, you can learn about someone's taste in movies just like I miss going over my friend's CD collection.

  20. deadlives

    Way to many problems to list and I think the stupidest idea ever oh I can trade my old games in for digital copies man fuck that bullshit I want to play the game NOW not wait and games now days take way to much memory and I'm not going to buy harddrive after harddrive and if I want to watch a movie all I have to do is put one in I have to own the physical copy disc games fuck all that steam,streaming bullshit if the internet ,servers or you didn't pay your internet bill then you can't play any games I'll say it again and again if the next xbox is discless then I will never OWN one I'm happy with my xbox one as for DLC for my games is ok install is ok saves on disc eye but I own the game on disc

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