Taking a Black Ops Pass: Call of Duty is Losing Me (Premium)


Activision is doing everything it can to turn away long-time Call of Duty fans these days. And it’s starting to work. It’s clear that Activision is feeling an existential crisis thanks to battle royale games like Fortnite. But in responding to this threat, it has deemphasized and almost ignored the traditional multiplayer experiences on which this franchise’s success rests. And this had made the latest COD title, Black Ops 4, less compelling to long-time fans as a result.

I first voiced my concerns about this game almost exactly a month ago, noting in Another Black Ops? Call of Duty is Stuck in the Past (Premium) that Activision had failed to create a blockbuster new COD series like Modern Warfare and Blacks Ops series. As a result, it had turned to nostalgia with a World War II title, WWII, that harkened back to the series’ earliest days, and was then adding a new chapter to a Black Ops series that was originally designed as a trilogy.

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