Nintendo Reportedly Planning to Launch Two Different Switch Devices

Posted on March 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games with 6 Comments

Nintendo is reportedly working on two different Switch gaming devices. The company’s original Nintendo Switch has been a huge success so far, and it wants to continue that trend later this year with two new versions of the device.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo will launch two new Switch devices — a cheap variant, and a more powerful but expensive variant. The more powerful variant will be focused at “avid videogamers” with “enhanced features” to compete with the likes of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It won’t be as powerful as the other consoles, but it will still compete with them with upgraded internals and new features for actual gamers.

The cheaper version, on the other hand, is more of a successor to the 3DS. Nintendo is reportedly getting rid of vibration on the device, as well as the detachable Joy-Con controllers. That will turn the device into a regular hand-held device that will continue to offer the portability of the original Nintendo Switch but at a cheaper price. It’s not clear if the new device will be cheaper than the original Switch, however.

Nintendo apparently plans to announce both the devices at E3 this June, followed by a potential release a few months later.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Nintendo Reportedly Planning to Launch Two Different Switch Devices”

  1. hoomgar

    I still have never been bitten by the portable gaming bug.  I don't even play games on my phone.

  2. lynxsl

    Never Fails. I bought a Switch yesterday.

  3. Awhispersecho

    Spent 800 bucks on a Switch, a few games and a bunch of controllers and accessories last September and sold it all this January. Originally thought the nephews who we get every other weekend would want to play and even I would enjoy the Mario games like before but there was zero interest in it by everyone. It got played about a total of 3 hours the whole time we had it.

    I did wish it was more powerful. I had more interest it playing it docked as a home console and it just couldn't compete. The problem is that even if they release a version that's finally as powerful as an original Xbox One or PS4, it will still trail the X and Pro and a year after it comes out there will be new consoles from Sony and MS. So it will still be 1.5 generations behind.

    Mario and Zelda are only going to carry Nintendo until the older generation gamers like myself lose interest in them and that nostalgic feeling. Those franchises don't matter nearly as much to kids playing now and eventually Nintendo will be in a tough spot if they can't compete with other consoles. Something like Xbox or Apple gaming services might be what it takes to keep them relevant and will fit well on the mobile side of the Switch.

  4. Thom77

    Switch was a bait and switch. The store has become crap phone games and ports. There's a couple of good titles, but not much. Ark and WWE are basically unplayable on it on portable mode. Haven't played mine in a while. NBA 2K18 is amazing on it, to be fair. So is Skyrim … but no mods support.

    Just bought a Microsoft Go 4Gb model and I'm amazed at the games it can play. MLB 2k12, NASCAR 2003 (the best racing sim ever created and whose engine Iracing uses),Civ 5, PSP emulator runs NCAA Football 07 perfectly at 2x resolution and I suspect from experience with using it on android plenty of other games, American Truck Simulator, Total War Medieval 2, Fallout New Vegas, FIFA 11 (considered one of the best Fifa games) ….. And YES .. Even Skyrim with performance mods although it gets really hot so I don't run it. Oblivion runs too but it doesn't have native controller support and the hacks are not ideal. PsX emulator runs fine at 2x resolution too, Tomb Raider. I've seen Fallout 3 and GTA 5 working on it too on YT.

    The Go, for me, is a much better portable gaming device. Unforrunately, it sucks as a regular tablet but I bought jt for gaming after researching its capabilities.

  5. skane2600

    "its slowness in bringing new Switch hardware to market"

    How does the criticism not apply to PS/4 and XBox?