Xbox Maverick: All Digital Edition Leaks, Confirms May Launch

Posted on April 13, 2019 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox One with 17 Comments

This shouldn’t come as a major surprise since I wrote about this back in November, but Microsoft’s on the cusp of releasing a digital-only edition of the Xbox One S console. Earlier today, images of the device leaked and confirm my previously reported information. found the images and confirm everything I have reported so far, it’s arriving May 7th, will not have a disc drive, and looks just like an Xbox One S. Crucially, the new information states the device will cost 229 euros which is a bit more than I was expecting but this likely includes taxes as well.

In the US, I would expect the console to cost a little bit less than the European price when converted as this pricing would suggest a $259 price point in the US. This is is too high considering an Xbox One S bundle costs $248 currently.

Seeing as the images of the device are now showing up online, the official announcement shouldn’t be too far away. Microsoft is hosting an Inside Xbox event on April 16th and this may be where the company announces the new hardware.

What we have not heard about yet is Microsoft’s disc-to-digital program that is code-named Odessa. This is the ability to take disc-based games and trade them in for a token to download the digital version of the game.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Xbox Maverick: All Digital Edition Leaks, Confirms May Launch”

  1. Usman

    Usually the EUR and USD numerical values are the same. The EUR price does include tax, so that's why the conversions come out more expensive.

    So it's likely to be $230 for a discless version. I personally would pay $20 extra for a disc drive, better to have than not IMO.

  2. anderb

    Hopefully consumers realise the main point of this device is to kill the second-hand game market -and reject it accordingly.

  3. MikeCerm

    This price makes sense if it's a discless version of the One X. I don't see why they'd launch another console based on the old chipset. The Jaguar CPU was low-end six years ago, and given the PC architecture of the Xbox One there's no reason they should still be using a 6 year old CPU.

    • Bob2000

      In reply to MikeCerm:

      The whole thing is strange, if that price point is accurate it is dead on arrival. A disc-less Xbox One S only works if it is a high value offering costing less than it's competition.

      It is viable competition to the Nvidia Shield which costs €199 on Amazon Germany but only if at or less than that price point, people buying these want media centers with a spinkling of gaming or your targetting cost conscious famlies who want something to play Roblox for their kids.

      The Xbox One S is not a successful competitor to the PS4 in performance or content.

      The crippling part of the Xbox One is the use of ESRAM, a very small pool of high speed memory, the problem is this pool proved far too small for games of this generation, they could have redesigned the Xbox One S memory pooling giving it something like the X model unified memory pool but much slower however they did not, so it has the same poor performance as the S model.

  4. Awhispersecho

    I wanted 1 of these just to use as Plex client, streaming device and some quick occasional gaming but I won't pay more than 150 for it. That's what the price point should be. But good love on their part, they will get people to turn in their disc's and then they will get to sell those disc's again on the used game market. Microsoft has just become the 1st company to figure out how to make money more than once on the same physical piece of software. Dirty... But smart

  5. Kendog52361

    I imagine that while the MSRP may be around $200-$250, but is sold at a below MSRP Price Point. Putting it at an MSRP of, say, $250, gives them the ability to "set" the preferred pricing, maybe later, while also adjusting other versions/models of the XBox. That doesn't stop retailers from selling at "below MSRP", of course.

  6. simont

    I wonder how soon it will go on sales with specials, either a reduces price on X number of game codes.

  7. rmlounsbury

    I'd consider just having an XBOX attached to both my TV's instead of an Apple or Android TV. But they would have to get that down to $150-$175 to do that.

    Over $200 you might as well get a regular XBOX.

  8. Vladimir Carli

    tbh I don't understand the value proposition. Today I can buy an xbox s on sale with disc drive (in bundle with Forza Horizon 4) for 180 Euro, taxes included. Should I go and pick it up tomorrow morning?

  9. tendoboy1984

    It'll probably be $229 in the US as well. Companies usually do 1:1 price ratios.

  10. docpaul

    $200 bundled with a game. That's my final offer.

  11. JCerna

    If price is too close to current version it won't make sense since the 4K blue ray drive is a selling point of current version. It needs to be significantly less or include new hardware make this a better machine like an ssd, more storage, etc.

  12. codymesh

    I guarantee you that console fans will whine and bitch about this because it doesn't work in a submarine or something

  13. Elindalyne

    Way too expensive. It need to be around $175 to make sense for retailers and consumers. Any given day Beat Buy or Walmart has a bundle that's $259 for an XBox One S and a game.. if they cant offload older games and the consumer cant get that bundle anything over $200 makes no sense imo.

  14. tendoboy1984

    "What we have not heard about yet is Microsoft’s disc-to-digital program that is code-named Odessa. This is the ability to take disc-based games and trade them in for a token to download the digital version of the game."

    What's the point when all disc games install to the hard drive anyways?