Forza Street Launches on Windows 10, is Coming to Mobile

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Games, iOS, Mobile, Windows 10 with 5 Comments

There’s a new Forza experience available on Windows 10 called Forza Street. But it’s coming to Android and iOS soon, too.

Forza Street is an all-new Forza experience designed to be played anytime, anywhere, and excite anyone who loves cars,” Forza Design Director Andy Beaudoin announced. “Available today for free on Windows 10 devices, and rolling out to iOS and Android starting this year, Forza Street was designed for racing on the go with streamlined controls that focus on the timing of gas, brake, and boost as the keys to victory.”

In other words, it looks a lot like other popular mobile racing games, like those in the Asphalt and Need for Speed series. Which is smart.

“In Forza Street, new Forza fans and seasoned drivers alike can collect and assemble a legendary lineup of cars to compete in intense, cinematic races,” Beaudoin explains. “Whether players want to squeeze in a quick one-minute race or get immersed in a story campaign, every race is a chance to earn a performance icon from an ever-growing list of incredible cars, turning your garage into a trophy case.”

Turn 10 Studios says it will add features and actively engage the Forza community to make Forza Street the title that gamers want.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Forza Street Launches on Windows 10, is Coming to Mobile”

  1. anthonye1778

    Sounds great! I love the Asphalt series (though the microtransactions are awful). I'm hoping Turn 10 can take the best parts of Asphalt and Forza and make them better and optimized for mobile. And hopefully only cosmetic microtransactions.

  2. maethorechannen

    I have my doubts about how active thier engagement with the Forza community is actually going to be. Thier use of Facebook over both the official Forza discord and forum on (you know, where the Forza community actually is) really does not look like engagement with the community.

    Though, judging by some of the negativity towards Street that you'll find in the Forza community, I can't say that I'm all that surprised that they're not actively discussing it there.

  3. nevadah

    I installed this on my Windows 10 desktop last night. I was looking forward to a driving game. It's not a driving game. It's basically a QTE game where you have to hit the throttle and release the throttle at the right times. You don't steer at all.

    Good for mobile, wasted on a proper gaming PC.

    • mestiphal

      In reply to nevadah:

      Are xbox achievements ready for android, or is that something announced for the future as well? I don't plan on sitting on my computer to play this came, hardly ever touched Forza Apex cause I just kept going back to the console for the real thing.

      But if I'm to play this on my phone, I do want to collect the achievements and whatever it also offers. hopefully it also has some sort of integration to the Forza Hub

  4. tahir992

    Wow! I really very excited for these new "Forza street" I love the cars very much. But I don't have a computer or laptop therefore I wish these game launch soon for Android

    Thanx for these information!! #forza