You’ll Soon Be Able to Stream Your Xbox Games From Anywhere

Posted on June 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 16 Comments

Microsoft is soon going to take its Xbox game streaming feature to the next level. At E3 today, the company announced the ability to stream your Xbox games from anywhere, not just Windows 10. It’s called Console Streaming.

“It turns your Xbox One into your own personal, and free xCloud server”, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer said.

That means you will be able to stream any game you have installed on your Xbox One from any device you want, and from anywhere. That is a massive improvement in the feature, and it almost provides you with a personal game-streaming service. The feature seems really amazing, and if it works out, it could be a major new feature for the Xbox.

It will be available in October.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “You’ll Soon Be Able to Stream Your Xbox Games From Anywhere”

  1. IanYates82

    Fantastic for when I travel. Home internet should be good enough (100/40mbps) and mobile phone speed should be more than fine. Sweet! ?

  2. brendan_hallett

    This is great and really bridges the gap between owning a console and moving to streaming.

  3. Pierre Masse

    Yes, but, what about XCloud?

  4. jerquiaga

    Hopefully it will work if your Xbox Live account requires you to login. That’s the only complaint I have with streaming at the moment.

  5. dontbe evil

    3500 games ... totally destroyed stadia

    • Greg Green

      In reply to dontbe_evil:

      Only if you’ve purchased and installed all 3500 games on your Xbox. Stadia is a different market. In theory on stadia you could play all the games you have and haven’t purchased on Xbox, all the games you have and haven’t purchased on steam, epic or elsewhere, and all the games you have and haven’t purchased on PS4, exclusives aside.

      But the devil is in the stadia details.

      • orbsitron

        In reply to Greg Green:

        Google announced that while some games will be free with the pro Stadia subscription, games will still need to be purchased (they didn't provide a concrete breakdown so my assumption here is that much like XBOX Live Gold or PS Plus, older games or smaller budget games will be free, while the biggest, AAA games will still need to be purchased).

        So, _if_ you already own any XBOX One games and you already own an XBOX One console (likely if you own any games...), then the ability to play those games anywhere with an internet connection at no additional cost, is price competitive with Stadia's _non_ pro SKU, with a much, much, much larger content library!! That's a huge win and is game changing for the tens of millions of users who have already invested in the XBOX ecosystem, again, at no additional cost.

        If you own an XBOX One, the potential value of Stadia just plummeted, unless new games are significantly less expensive to buy on Stadia than they are on XBOX.

        What wasn't discussed yet, and what will be very interesting, will be for the billions of people who don't have an XBOX One, won't have the budget (or interest) in a Scarlett and who would be interested in streaming an excellent title. Those gamers (and potential gamers) will be weighing Stadia vs. xCloud (vs. whatever Sony offers, vs. whatever Amazon comes out with, etc.) and so the pricing, game library and technical capabilities (fidelity at various bandwidths, etc.) of xCloud will be interesting. We didn't hear anything about that just yet, though Google released their specs and _some_ of the pricing options (again, no game purchase costs) right before E3.

        As an XBOX fan, I hope that efforts like Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate make the value equation of not just streaming on xCloud for non-XBOX console owners, but also having an awesome library of games to stream, very compelling. If xCloud's non-your-console-as-a-server SKU is price competitive with Stadia _and_ you have the option of XBOX One's full library of games (eventually 4 generations via backwards compat.) _and_ you can get 100+ games including the first-party games on day 1 release, for the added cost of Game Pass instead of $60 per game (assuming that's what Stadia will charge for most new games), well... that would be an extremely compelling value for those who don't get the streaming for free from their own console.

  6. Patrick3D

    Upload bandwidth is generally a fraction of download bandwidth for home Internet connections, the experience is going to pale in comparison to something like XCloud or Stadia.

  7. nicholas_kathrein

    So let me get this strait. People here are saying that Google Stadia isn't going to work yet somehow having your xbox be a server pushing your game out of your house with a low upload speed of say 10 to 15 Mbps is lucky to somehow make it work well enough yet many here say Google Stadia won't work with their servers pushing as much data as you can take? Yeah, I'd rather just have Google Stadia where I know Google with it's state of the art infrastructure will work way better as they have their servers closer to the people using the service and have a good internet connection. Most people's upload speeds suck. Yeah. I'm Google Stadia all the way.

  8. naven87

    So what is anywhere? Android phones, tablets, IOS devices, Macs, Nintendo switch? if it really can stream to all of those, even if it is only practical on LAN is does become interesting as a home game server, but I haven't seen anything really list what is "Anywhere"

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