Xbox’s Backward Compatibility Comes to an End

Posted on June 10, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 24 Comments

Microsoft is bringing its Backward Compatibility program for Xbox to an end. The company today announced at E3 that it is moving away from Backward Compatibility, announcing what’s next for Xbox.

Microsoft is introducing some new Original Xbox classics, Xbox 360 titles, and Xbox One X enhanced titles for Backward Compatibility today. These are the last few titles that will be joining Backward Compatibility, bringing the program to an end. Microsoft says the company is looking towards the future of compatibility on Xbox after adding more than 600 titles to the Backward Compatibility catalog.

Microsoft is now focusing on making these titles work perfectly fine on Project Scarlett, it’s next-gen Xbox console. The company is focusing on allowing thousands of Xbox titles from all the four generations work on Scarlett. “As such, we have now shifted our focus to help make the games you love playing on Xbox One compatible with future Xbox hardware. After this week, we have no plans to add additional Original Xbox or Xbox 360 titles to the catalog on Xbox One, but we’re excited to continue our work on Xbox compatibility across platforms and devices, which remains a top priority,” Microsoft said.

So yes, Backward Compatibility is ending but Microsoft will continue to focus on compatibility and Original Xbox + Xbox 360 games that were playable on the Xbox One will work just fine on Scarlett.

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