Mixer Commits to Community, Kills Mixer Create

Microsoft’s Mixer announced changes to the service focused on reducing harmful content and toxic behavior to cultivate a positive community. But it’s also killing the Mixer Create mobile app.

“Mixer’s community and its streamers have been consistently at the core of what Mixer is all about,” Mixer general manager Chad Gibson writes. “The Mixer community is positive, welcoming and supportive, and you have consistently given us insightful feedback, ideas and support. Likewise, Mixer streamers are the reason we’re all here – every day, they work hard and bring their very best selves to entertain us, to teach us and to build connections with us all across Mixer.”

On that note, Mixer is taking steps to protect its community and streamers from the toxic hell stew that is most of the Internet. And key among the new features and programs it is instituting are:

A new Streamer Review system to improve validation and monitoring of new streamers on Mixer.

A new Toxicity Screen system to give streamers information and control over interactions on their channel.

An updated Mixer Rules of User Conduct to prohibit the distribution of terrorist content and violent extremist content.

Changes to monetization, enabling all streamers to participate in monetization on Mixer, starting first with Mixer Embers and then following with channel subscriptions and additional monetization features over time.

An overhaul of Mixer’s Streamer Analytics to provide new insights into stream health, viewer engagement, and audience understanding.

A new Streamer Progression dashboard to clarify what steps streamers can take to progress and earn access to additional promotion, streamer perks, support and monetization features on Mixer.

“Today, we want to reaffirm our commitment to digital safety and maintaining a strong Mixer community,” Gibson continues. “To help focus on these investments in new programs and capabilities, we will occasionally need to make changes to existing capabilities and will always strive to share these changes with you in advance.”

The biggest change? Mixer is removing its Mixer Create app from the Android and iOS App Stores and removing the ability to stream from that app.

“This does not affect the main Mixer Mobile app for viewers; and streamers can continue to use the main Mixer Mobile app as a companion experience to monitor chat during their broadcasts,” Gibson explains. “This change is based both on feedback and analysis of actual usage across the Mixer community. For streamers who want to continue broadcasting directly from their mobile device, we recommend checking out the great mobile app offered from the team at Streamlabs.”

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  • eric_rasmussen

    Premium Member
    24 July, 2019 - 11:53 am

    <p>I remember being in college when the Internet was first being deployed. We didn't have web browsers, we had Gopher, FTP, and Usenet. I had long conversations with people on Usenet about movies, programming, the PC demo scene, and so on. What the Internet has become today is absolutely amazing, but it does suffer from a "toxic hell stew" of comments and activity from a vile underbelly of the population.</p><p><br></p><p>I think Microsoft's move is great. A large portion of the toxic community has replaced their PCs with mobile devices, so relegating them to content consumption rather than content creation is a move that I can support, as much as it sucks for the good creators on mobile.</p>


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