NVIDIA GPUs Get New Ultra-Low Latency Mode, Integer Scaling, More

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Hardware with 1 Comment

At Gamescom, NVIDIA announced the launch of an update to its Game Ready Driver for its GPUs. The company is introducing a number of new features aimed at professional gamers.

NVIDIA is adding a new ultra-low latency mode for its GPUs that allows gamers to get higher framerates without compromising quality. The company is using a just-in-time technique to reduce the number of frames buffered in the render queue (the higher the number of frames, the higher the latency), leading to ultra-low latency. The new just-in-time frame scheduling system allows each frame from your games to be rendered just before the GPU needs them, reducing the number of frames in the render queue. This apparently results in a reduced latency of up to 33%, according to NVIDIA.

The company has also optimized a couple of popular titles to work better with the new Game Ready Driver. The new driver update includes enhancements for games like Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4, Strange Brigade and World War Z that introduces a boost in performance by up to 23%.

The company is introducing a new filter for NVIDIA Freestyle which allows users to apply custom filters to their gameplay. This week, NVIDIA is introducing a new Sharpen filter that improves the image quality of games without compromising the performance as much. And unlike its previous Detail filter, the new Sharpen filter from NVIDIA will give users control over the amount of sharpness they want, and it works with more than 600 games.

The new driver update even introduces some updates for pixel art games. Those with NVIDIA’s Turing GPUs — that’s the GeForce RTX line and the GeForce GTX 16-Series GPU — will now have a new feature called Integer Scaling. In simple words, the new Integer Scaling feature will enable pixel-art games and other retro titles to look scale much better than before, allowing for a huge increase in clarity when the resolution is scaled up.

NVIDIA is adding a couple of other new features with the latest driver update, which can be downloaded here, including things like 30-bit color support. It’s also expanding G-Sync support to some new G-Sync compatible displays this week.

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One response to “NVIDIA GPUs Get New Ultra-Low Latency Mode, Integer Scaling, More”

  1. codymesh

    these features are probably in response to AMD who introduced these exact features in their new drivers some time back too.