Microsoft Has No Further Plans to Bring Xbox Exclusives to Nintendo Switch

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 12 Comments

Microsoft’s been doing something we haven’t really seen the company do much in the past: bringing it’s exclusive Xbox games to third-party consoles. The company first brought Studio MDHR’s Cuphead to the Nintendo Switch, and just announced it’s bringing Ori and the Blind Forest to the Switch as well. With all these announcements, Xbox fans have raised some concerns about Microsoft bringing more of its exclusive titles to other platforms.

And to stop fans from worrying, Microsoft has stated that the company has no further plans to expand its exclusive Xbox titles to other platforms. “We have no plans to further expand our exclusive first party games to other consoles. We continue to believe deeply in cross play and progression of games with the right flexibility for developers to insure a fair and fun experience,” a Microsoft spokesperson told (via The Verge).

Some of the game studios Microsoft recently acquired will still, however, release some games on the Nintendo Switch as part of their existing commitments. “The past year has been an exciting time for us as we have more than doubled the internal creative teams making up Xbox Game Studios. As these new studios transitioned in, we were aware of some existing commitments to other platforms and will honor them,”  the spokesperson said. “However, going forward these new studios will focus on making games for our platforms,” the spokesperson stated, reiterating Microsoft’s focus on its own platforms.

This is obviously an interesting move from Microsoft, but considering the importance of exclusive titles in the gaming community, it’s a no-brainer. Microsoft will probably still allow gamers on consoles the PS4 and Nintendo Switch to enjoy its exclusive titles via xCloud, though.

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