Google to Offer Stadia Premiere Edition Too

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Google with 4 Comments

The Stadia Founder’s Edition is still available in the United States, but it has already sold out in most of Europe, Google says. But if you do miss out on that exclusive package, the firm will offer a Stadia Premiere Edition at launch as well.

“Whoa, those went fast!” the Google Stadia Twitter account announced. “We are sold out of Founder’s Edition in most of Europe. If you missed out, don’t worry. Introducing Stadia Premiere Edition. You’ll get:  Clearly White Stadia Controller, Chromecast Ultra, 3 Months of Stadia Pro, [and] the full Destiny 2 collection.”

If that looks a lot like the Founder’s Edition, well, it does. But the Founder’s Edition does offer some perks not found in the Premiere Edition, including an exclusive controller, a reserved Stadia username, and a Buddy Pass, which you can use to give a friend three free months of Stadia Pro.

Google’s tweet doesn’t mention pricing, but I assume that the Stadia Premiere Edition will cost $129, the same price as the Founder’s Edition. There will be a free Stadia Base offering coming in 2020, too, which provides 1080p gaming.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Google to Offer Stadia Premiere Edition Too”

  1. wolters

    I ordered a Founder Edition when it was available. Not expecting much but for sure want to use and review it.

  2. lprell

    It is still starnge to see Google on gaming business. Anyway, I hope Google give this technology the amount of time it need to maturate and don't kill the service before it goes mainstream, which will take sometime.

  3. Rycott

    So they put out a small number of 'Founder's Editions' so they could be 'Sold Out' then offer the same thing with another name.


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