Mixer Gives Streamers More Control Over Clips

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games with 0 Comments

Microsoft’s Mixer is rolling out a new update to Mixer Clips with some new features. Mixer Clips, for those unfamiliar, is essentially a way for viewers to create snippets of Mixer streams. The feature is a pretty neat way of allowing viewers to create a short video from a certain point of the stream that can be shared online.

To date, Mixer allowed any viewer to create clips. And that led to some problems — as any viewer could create clips of streams, they were sometimes misleading due to being out-of-context. Mixer is now giving Mixer Partners control over who can create clips, so not anyone can create Clips anymore.

Mixer Partners can now only allow viewers to create clips once they reach a certain progression rank for their channel. For example, a streamer could only allow their viewers with a channel progression rank higher than 20 to be able to create Clips. The idea here is that it will prevent anyone to create random clips from streams, and that will lead to more high-quality clips being shared on the streaming network.

Along with the increased control, Mixer is also rolling out a new experience for creating Clips, giving users more control over editing. The feature now lets you trim clips, and even preview clips before publishing.

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