Google Stadia Launches New Game Store on the Web

Posted on December 6, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Google Stadia with 0 Comments

Google Stadia started off with a pretty rough launch, but Google is quickly fixing some of its early problems. The company has been shipping new features pretty rapidly, and it’s now introducing a new game store on the web for Stadia users.

The new store, which is only accessible once you actually have a Stadia subscription, allows you to buy games online from any of your devices. The store was only available on Android and iOS in the past (via Android Police),  which was a problem as Stadia is meant to be accessible from almost all your devices.

As for the store itself, it’s pretty much like every other online app store — there’s a section with a featured games area, followed by the “Best of Stadia” section, and a place for Stadia Pro games. You can also browse all the games that are available on Stadia, but there doesn’t seem to be a search functionality just yet.

And you can, of course, buy games from the online store once you open a game’s listing page. The listing pages also show the trailers for a game, as well as screenshots and relevant details about the game. If you have Stadia, you can access the new game store here.

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