And Now, Some More Confusion About the Next-Gen Xbox Branding

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox, Xbox Series X with 12 Comments

Last week, Microsoft surprised the internet with the next-gen Xbox. The company has been hyping up the next-gen console for months, but it surprised everyone with a full reveal last week.

With the full reveal, the company also introduced the official branding for the new console: Xbox Series X. And that has, obviously, led to a lot of criticism because of the branding not only being confusing but also being very unimaginative.

Microsoft is now clarifying things about the next-gen Xbox branding and turns out instead of it being called just Xbox Series X, it’s called–wait for it–Xbox. A Microsoft spokesperson told Business Insider that the name of the next-generation Xbox is simply “Xbox”.

So what is Xbox Series X? It’s simply one of the devices part of the next-generation Xbox line. “The name we’re carrying forward to the next generation is simply Xbox. And at The Game Awards you saw that name come to life through the Xbox Series X. Similar to what fans have seen with previous generations, the name ‘Xbox Series X’ allows room for additional consoles in the future,” said the company.

So yes, the next-generation Xbox branding is just simply Xbox. Xbox Series X is just one of the consoles part of the line, so we could have Xbox Series X, Xbox S, Xbox K, or whatever, in the future.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “And Now, Some More Confusion About the Next-Gen Xbox Branding”

  1. mrlinux11

    Maybe Microsoft should just start following Sony's naming convention, very simple and easy follow as 1234 :)

  2. rh24

    Still lame. There will still be much confusion for uninformed adults buying Xbox One X versus Xbox Series X for their kid. I can imagine some big disappointment on Christmas morning next year because of the Xbox One X Black Friday fire sale when they buy their kid the wrong one!

    I can see the screaming brat video on Facebook already! Hacked off that he got socks, underwear, and an Xbox One X for Christmas instead of that awesome new Xbox Series X! In fact, for those households where Santa Clause has been "figured out" and the presents are under the tree before Christmas morning, I bet some of them figure it out early when the box shape isn't correct!

  3. rm

    "Xbox" is fine with me. That is the actual branding everyone identifies with anyway. But each console could have a better name than "Xbox Series X",  "Xbox Series S", etc..

  4. codymesh

    Why can't Microsoft just use their codenames? Xbox Scorpio and Xbox Scarlett are perfectly fine names.

  5. chrisltd

    What are they smoking over there?

  6. tripleplayed

    Eh, this is what I assumed when it was announced. The logo clearly is emphasizing the word "Xbox" and the Series X is a subtitle. Aka the name of a specific model. Just like the Xbox One is the overall brand of the previous product, and S and X the newer models.

    I am amazed at the level of confusion that this is getting. Its very straightforward.

    Maybe they should have just announced a device named "Xbox" and a few years later a "Series X" or "Series S"? Idk. That's the only thing I guess confusing, normally with these types of things, like smartphones. They have one model to start out. One iPhone model. One Galaxy Phone model. Gives people time to learn the overarching brand name. Later more models are introduced with subtitles etc..

  7. proesterchen

    2020, the year of the "Xbox" and Windows 2004.

  8. hecticpolecat

    I can just imagine the conversations in a year's time...

    Me: "What Xbox do you have?"

    Him: "I've got an Xbox"

    Me: "Do you have an Xbox One Xbox?"

    Him: "I've got an Xbox Xbox"

    And repeat

  9. smartin

    Well that cleared up... Nothing.

    Sorry the Xbox Series X is the consoles part of what exactly?

  10. kalahari

    Clearly it's pronounced "xbox series ten" ?

  11. stmorr82zw5zml

    Microsoft proving again that they should have fired the staff of and shuttered the Microsoft Centralised Unoriginal Naming Department for Microsoft Personal and Enterprise Products, Services, and Devices years ago, instead giving the job to the MS Hermes skunkworks project.