Amazon Rebrands Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

Posted on August 10, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Amazon, Cloud, Games, PC gaming with 1 Comment

Amazon today announced that it is rebranding its Twitch Prime service to Prime Gaming to keep it more in line with the firm’s other Prime perks.

“Prime Gaming is everything you loved about Twitch Prime, and more,” the announcement post reads. “Now it’s easier than ever for the more than 150 million paid Amazon Prime members to enjoy everything that’s possible on Twitch and beyond with their Prime membership, from supporting streamers to getting free valuable in-game content for the world’s most played games and a rotating collection of free PC games every month.”

Twitch Prime launched in 2016, but Amazon says that the rebranding was necessary because the Prime brand carries more weight with its customers than does the Twitch brand.

“We felt very strongly that to support our game developers as partners, as well as to reach the most customers, the Prime Gaming brand creates a lot more value in that ecosystem,” Amazon’s Larry Plotnick told The New York Times.

As before, Prime Gaming will offer exclusive games to its members, free games each month, exclusive in-game content, and other perks, Amazon says.

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