Xbox Series S Branding Shows Up Again

Posted on September 1, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox with 4 Comments

As we sit and wait for Microsoft to announce the Lockhart console, evidence of its existence is showing up everywhere. A couple of weeks back, we first saw the branding on a leaked controller and now there is additional evidence.

A user on Twitter bought a new controller and while it was not the new flavor that will ship with the share button, it does include a trial for GamePass inside. On that subscription card is a reference to the Xbox series S.

I expected Microsoft to announce the console earlier this year, as early as June, and then there were quite a few rumors that August is when the series S would be announced. Considering the series X will arrive in November, Microsoft is running out of time to announce the hardware.

Many believe, myself included, that the reason that the company has not announced the console or the pricing of the series X is that they are waiting to see what Sony does with the PS5. But the problem is that Sony is doing the same thing, waiting to see how Microsoft prices its console which is why we don’t know the final pricing for either device.

Hopefully, we will not have to wait too much longer to learn more about the series S. For now, know that it does exist and that it should be announced soon™.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Xbox Series S Branding Shows Up Again”

  1. Thretosix

    I don't think we will hear anything from Microsoft until Sony announces their pricing. The Series S may be the most sold system of the holiday season if they price it right. Microsoft doesn't want to let Sony undercut them by even $50 for the top model. Sony will have a hard time selling it's digital model vs. the Series S that will be lower powered but likely a lot less in price. Most people don't have a [email protected] TV, many still game on 1080p TVs and are quite fine with it. I can't wait to hear official information about the Series S it will likely be up there with the performance of the One X with all the new specs and features even though the rumored specs are a bit lower.

  2. winbookxl2

    It's like ordering at a restaurant with your friends or family and you ask them to order first, and ends up being the back and forward of who wants to order first. Aha!

  3. scovious

    Today NVIDIA announced the pricing and date of their GPUs which come out in 2 weeks, I wouldn't mind in the slightest if we had the same kind of last minute announcement for these new consoles. They have hardly shown any of their games yet!