Report: Nintendo Increases Switch Production Again

Posted on September 9, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 4 Comments

Thanks to blockbuster Switch sales, Nintendo is ramping up production of the portable console yet again to meet the additional demand, according to a new report in Bloomberg.

As you may recall, Nintendo reported massive year-over-year gains in profits and revenues in its most recent quarter thanks to the Switch, and the firm increased production August, noting that it expected to sell around 25 million units this year, up from the previous projection of 19 million units.

Well, Nintendo is upping its production again, Bloomberg says, and now it expects to sell 30 million units this year. Switch sales have skyrocketed in part because of the pandemic, and in part because of the unexpected blockbuster success of the title Animal Crossing.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Report: Nintendo Increases Switch Production Again”

  1. crunchyfrog

    The Switch is a phenomenal device that is fun and easy to use. I was fortunate to get one last December before the pandemic, so I could take it traveling without lugging a gaming laptop. Of course, I don't travel anymore, but I still think the Switch is great.

  2. maddycom

    I bought one two weeks ago for my son at University of North Dakota, we lucked out finding one hour a way in Fargo, ND. We had been looking for sometime. It helps to go to college in middle of nowhere to find latest tech item because each store tends to get allotment regardless of demand or population. He loves it.

  3. nine54

    The Bloomberg report also notes that Nintendo is effectively pausing its mobile game development efforts to focus even more on games for its own platforms, i.e., the Switch. This seems not only short-sighted, but also disappointing. Instead of leading the charge towards a new (and necessary) paradigm for mobile gaming, this feels like retreating into their comfort zone.

    Nintendo's target audience overlaps with the audience for mobile games: casual gamers. Apple has eyed this audience for years and seems more intent now than ever to capture a piece of this market with Apple Arcade. And Apple Arcade is an attempt to "disrupt" the slot-machine economics of mobile gaming.

    Apple and Nintendo share a lot of similarities: both have historically HW-centric business models and walled gardens, are somewhat secretive in nature, are held up as industry innovators, and have loyal customers. If Nintendo isn't careful, casual gamers could start seeing something like an iPad (only $30 more than a Switch) + Apple Arcade as being "good enough" for their gaming needs.