Sony Increases Some PS5 Game Pricing, Will Support Cross-Generation Gaming

Posted on September 17, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, PlayStation with 13 Comments

This week, Sony announced the remaining details about their next-generation console launch, the PlayStation 5. With pricing and availability details out in the wild, the company also announced a few other minor details after the event that have big implications for those who are looking to buy the console.

First up, pricing. Yes, the $399 price point of the console is aggressive and is going to make it easier for the company to sell consoles but a few details were left off the table. While the console may be cheaper, some games from Sony are going to cost $70, a $10 price increase over the previous generation and this is for both physical and digital editions.

This is one way that Sony is quietly increasing the cost of gaming as there are higher margins on digital games because they don’t have to be minted. This is an obvious observation but knowing the digital version of the PS5 is $100 less than the version with an optical drive, the company is clearly factoring in the higher margins on the digital sales they will receive from those customers.

One of the other big surprises was that some games are going to be cross-generation. Earlier this year Sony said that they believed in generations and it was not expected that games would work on both the PS4 and PS5. But three of their big titles Sackboy, Horizon Forbidden West, and the new Spiderman game will run on both consoles.

And speaking of exclusives, Sony is embracing the Microsoft model of bringing console games to the PC. While it may not always be at launch, the company made it clear that PC gamers will eventually have access to many PS5 titles.

While all these items may perturb some gamers who like the exclusivity and pricing of the PS5 console, the biggest issue is that pre-orders launched in a chaotic state. Initially, Sony said that pre-orders would open up starting as early as tomorrow (now today) but retailers started accepting orders not long after the conclusion of the event.

This caused fans to start bombarding websites looking for pre-orders and many who were hoping to pick up a console have found themselves on the sidelines with their preferred retailer being sold out of the hardware.

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