PS5 Teardown Provides A Look Inside the New Console

Posted on October 7, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, PlayStation with 23 Comments

This morning, Sony released a video that gives us our first look inside the next generation gaming console. While the company is still not fully detailing the software yet, we now know what the inside of the console contains and how the built-in stand functions.

If you are a fan of consoles, or gaming in general, the video posted above is worth a watch as it shows you the challenges of building a high-end next-generation console. Namely, pay close attention to the massive heat-sink that Sony is using to keep the insides of the console cool.

There are a few notable items including how easy it is to take off the sides of the console. Based on the fact that they appear to slide/snap into place, I would expect that we see customized shells being offered at some point during the console’s lifecycle.

The other interesting tidbit is the stand that is included with the console requires you to unscrew and move it to transition from horizontal to vertical orientations. While not that big of a deal, as most users will likely set the console up once, for those that plan on changing its orientation frequently, this could be a challenge.

Overall, the PlayStation 5 should sell well this generation as Sony has long-understood the wants and needs of its gaming fans but that doesn’t mean that Xbox won’t put up a bigger fight this generaiton.

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