Apple TV is Coming to Xbox Series X and S

Posted on November 2, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox with 21 Comments

Apple TV on Xbox, via Microsoft

We are about a week away from Microsoft releasing their next-generation consoles and leading up to that day, the company is keeping the news flowing with features, enhancements, and updates coming to the hardware. Announced today, Apple TV will be available on the consoles when they reach your home as early as next week.

The news isn’t all that surprising as the app showed up for some users a little bit early but now it’s official; Apple TV is coming and it will support Dolby Vision and Atmos. The app will join others like Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and others that can stream content to your box.

Of course, it is a bit awkward that the next-generation Xbox consoles will support Apple TV but Apple is not currently letting Microsoft bring its cloud streaming service to iOS. But for Xbox users who are looking to make their console the, ahem, one device under their TV that can do it all, having Apple TV as part of the console is a good thing.

While this announcement isn’t likely to move millions of more consoles it continues the path that Microsoft has created of bringing the content on the Xbox One forward to the Xbox Series S and X. There was not much doubt that the company would bring these streaming apps to the consoles but with it now being official, any worry can be put to bed.

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Comments (21)

21 responses to “Apple TV is Coming to Xbox Series X and S”

  1. murray judy

    Hope Microsoft gets 30% of Apple's content.

    • skyczy08

      In reply to murray judy:

      To be a fly on the wall when Microsoft asked them that.... jeeez

      It would be smart for Microsoft to not ask for 30%, get the AppleTV app to create stickiness on Xbox, and then come back to Apple and threaten to take away the app if Apple doesn't allow Xcloud on IOS

    • scovious

      In reply to murray judy:

      Then again, there are over 2 billion iPhones sold and less than 100 million Xbox consoles so it is kind of a one sided gain for Apple if they make concessions for Microsoft. However, it seems Apple stands to lose much more than their apple tax if their behavior doesn't clean itself up. I look forward to antitrust results.

      • jgraebner

        In reply to scovious:

        You are completely right about XBOX vs. iOS install base, but Apple TV+ isn't exactly setting the world on fire at this point and they need it to be widely distributed. Getting another platform does help Apple in this case.

        I do wonder how much longer Apple will resist bringing TV+ to Android, though. That's Apple really limiting their distribution mostly out of spite.

  2. bmatusz

    What about the other way? Any word on when/if we can expect Xbox Movies to be available on the Apple TV device? I have access to Prime, Plex, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Apple all on the Apple TV 4k. My Xbox Movies content would make it complete.

    • Paul Thurrott

      I just don't see that ever happening. If you can and haven't, look into connecting your account with Movies Anywhere, and some percentage (about 2/3 in my case) of your purchased movies will show up on Apple TV and other services.
  3. jchampeau

    It would be less confusing to say "...Apple TV app will be available on the consoles..." since Apple pulled a Microsoft and started using a name for multiple things.

  4. madthinus

    Great news!

  5. BigM72

    This is strategically positive for Xbox. It reduces reasons to buy a next-gen Apple TV.

    Install base of next gen Apple TVs would likely be used to encourage more Apple Arcade gaming.

  6. andy72

    You know, there is not much happening in Apple TV+. I watched Tehran, that was nice. Now watching For All Mankind. But other than that, it is a pretty deserted place. I tried The Morning Show, but it is so boring. Still, they in for a long haul with this VOD stuff - so we will see. Nice addition to XBOX.

    • sammyg

      In reply to andy72:

      “See” was great if you like apocalyptic type stories. Grey Hound was great as well. I get it free through Jan and will decided de then.

  7. ronh

    Good for Microsoft for putting their customers first.

  8. jgraebner

    Per the announcement, Apple TV+ is also coming to XBOX One for the first time on November 10. It wasn't previously available on XBOX at all.

  9. vernonlvincent

    Just to be clear (because sometimes I can miss the obvious) - this is also coming to current gen (XBOX One S and One X) consoles, in addition to the next gen consoles (Series S and Series X) - correct?

  10. red.radar

    Does Apple let their Hardware "Apple TV" slowly rot into irrelevance with this type of move?

  11. Jester

    Apple TV is also coming to the Xbox one too.

  12. davidl

    Is it possible to control TV volume via Xbox controller?

  13. rm

    I think Microsoft should put in place matching restrictions on their stores that go into effect for any other company that has a store with harsher restrictions. No one else is effected.