Xbox Series X and S Arrive Early for a Lucky Few

Posted on November 4, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X with 9 Comments

Image Credit: JMH71 on Reddit

For many of us, we are waiting anxiously for November 10th to arrive so that we can finally get our hands on the Xbox Series X and S. But for a lucky few around the world, that day came early.

Users on Reddit are reporting that they have already received their consoles with both a Series S showing up early in Canada and a Series X showing up in Portugal. While most of the consoles that were pre-ordered will not arrive until next week, if you have a lucky shirt or keychain, it might be time to get it out of its hiding spot.

Image Credit: Spead20 on Reddit

The reality is that this happens with most major hardware releases. While Microsoft clearly doesn’t want these consoles arriving until next week, with so many now in retailers’ hands, it’s inevitable that some will accidentally be shipped out a bit early.

The Series S linked to above did come from a third-party retailer but Series X, according to the user, did come directly from Microsoft in Portugal. Which just proves that there is no logic to who could potentially get their consoles early.

Also for the Series S, it looks like you will have around 380GB of free storage on the drive – keep this in mind if you plan on installing a bunch of games locally. While you can transfer and store games on an external drive, you will need either the expansion drive or the games installed on the internal drive to play games with the Series S (or X).

The only missing piece of the puzzle at this point are the early reviews of the hardware but should not have to wait too much longer for those to show up.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Xbox Series X and S Arrive Early for a Lucky Few”

  1. spacecamel

    Paul has been too quiet. I see a tonne of articles on the Xbox coming soon.

  2. glenn8878

    Are we now complaining some got their consoles early? Plus Microsoft didn’t want that to happen? It’s a double plus ridiculous thing. Retailers should ship them out. It’s more of a risk for consoles to be stolen than to be stored safely for pre-sold merchandise.

  3. yoshi

    I don't think I've refreshed an order status page more times than I have with this Xbox.

  4. rosyna

    Are these consoles allowed to connect to Xbox Live before their release dates and day one patches?

  5. sammyg

    In 6 months you will buy one any day of the week from multiple retailers. Like all the political ads, I am glad the "new gen" hype will be over.

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