Flight Simulator World Update VII Adds Australia Content

Posted on February 1, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Games, PC gaming, Project xCloud, Xbox, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X with 6 Comments

Microsoft continues to update Flight Simulator with incredible free content, with World Update VII adding stunning Australia content to the title.

“Soar over the renowned Great Barrier Reef, visit the vast regions of Western Australia, and marvel at the natural beauty of Mount Wellington,” Microsoft head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann writes.  “From the dusty red outback to shimmering coastlines and sugar-white sand beaches, explore the country’s most spectacular sights,”

World Update VII: Australia is the “largest” Flight Simulator update yet. (By download size?) It’s now available for free to all gamers across Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows 10/11, and Steam. It adds four airports, high-resolution detail for over 100 other airports, 94 custom points of interest (POIs), and 16 new activities, including five bush trips, six discovery flights, and five landing challenges.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Flight Simulator World Update VII Adds Australia Content”

  1. beckoningeagle

    I wish they did a Superman simulator. Same content as Flight Simulator but without the plane, just flying around, carelessly without a worry in the world.

    • Jim Lewis

      You can fly the external drone camera rapidly around, leaving the plane behind. You can change the drone camera view from wide-angle through telephoto. And there is also SLEW mode, whereby you can manually zip the plane hundreds or thousands of miles to a new location and go back to flying the plane or the drone camera around. So you're certainly not trapped in traipsing around at normal flying speed restricted by normal flight dynamics. You can move your point of view as fast as you can move your controls, almost Superman-like.

  2. bluvg

    Not a gamer, but I continue to be blown away by how amazing those graphics are and how far graphics have come.

    • vladimir

      you would be less blown away if you had to deal with the incredible number of bugs they introduce with each update. It's almost unbelievable

  3. brettscoast

    Another excellent update. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. winner

    As a user of many previous versions of FS including 2004 and FSX, I finally bought FS2020.

    The download and install process was a confusing mess, needing an XBox app on a PC and the stupid software shows me an XBox controller as it takes eons to start up each time. The interface is gamelike and not intuitive at all. The instrument panel is hard to see as it's very dark. I'm completely underwhelmed at what a mess this software is - but I guess I should not have been suprised.

    Time to buy XPlane instead.