Xbox Cloud Gaming Adds Steam Deck Support via Microsoft Edge

Posted on March 18, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Games, Project xCloud, Hardware with 10 Comments

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now accessible on Valve’s Steam Deck via Microsoft’s Edge browser. The Redmond giant has released a new beta version of Microsoft Edge for the Linux-based SteamOS that now recognizes the Steam Deck as a gamepad. 

“We worked closely with our friends at Valve to support xCloud and Xbox Game Pass through Microsoft Edge for the Steam Deck,” said Catherine Gluckstein, Head of Product & Strategy, Xbox Cloud Gaming on Twitter. The process to install the new Microsoft Edge Beta and having the browser recognize the Steam Deck’s controls isn’t exactly straightforward, but you can find detailed instructions on this support page.

The Steam Deck is the first handheld gaming device from Valve, and it supports a growing list of Deck verified Steam games including Microsoft games such as Psychonauts 2 or Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. However, many popular games are unsupported on the Steam Deck due to performance issues or anti-cheat software.

If several Xbox Game Pass games can be played natively on the Steam Deck, the gaming subscription service itself isn’t available on SteamOS. That’s why services like Xbox Cloud Gaming open more gaming possibilities on the Steam Deck, assuming gamers have a solid Internet connection.

Overall, Valve seems to be happy to see early adopters play the games they want on the Steam Deck. The company recently made it possible to install Windows 10 on the Steam Deck, which is the only way to access the full Xbox Game Pass catalog. However, audio drivers for the handheld device are still in the works, and Valve is also still working on enabling dual-booting capabilities on the Steam Deck.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Xbox Cloud Gaming Adds Steam Deck Support via Microsoft Edge”

  1. matt11to5

    I'm glad they made a solution pretty quickly. It seemed like it wouldn't be too hard to get it on there.

  2. spacein_vader

    Early reports from Linus et al are that gaming performance is much worse under Windows than Linux on the Deck. Obviously that's in part because the Linux build is custom tuned to fit the Deck hardware but also because Windows has a much greater overhead than Linux.

    That overhead and lack of tuning combined appear to be greater than the slowdown on Linux of using the Proton compatibility layer.

    • jimchamplin

      I'd blame driver issues. Many of them are new and likely not yet optimized. I'd expect Valve to improve that situation going forward. I doubt that they'll leave things as badly done as say, Boot Camp drivers from Apple.

      • spacein_vader

        I'm not sure. Once they've got the drivers stable why optimise further for an OS you aren't supporting when you can put all the dev time into improving the amount of compatible games on the OS you are supporting?

  3. scovious

    I'm glad the solution Microsoft found for Steam Deck owners who are too unfortunate to not install Windows on their devices doesn't give 30% of their PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate's profits to Valve for no reason. The last thing I'd want for Game Pass is less games or quality just for Steam to provide the same services as an internet browser.

    I'm lucky enough to install Windows on my device so I can enjoy all my games across all my launchers, not just the select few optimized for Linux. Of course, not everyone can afford an extra 50$ on top of the Deck's price, you know. I'd sacrifice some resolution or frame rate to play everything I want without hesitation. It's not like the screen is very large or of good quality anyway.

  4. j5

    How do you like the Steam Deck Paul? I've thought about getting it now that I'm on a Mac and can't play some of the Steam games I've bought. It's expensive but it might be able to use the "because I'm Dad" card to get one...maybe.

  5. sharpsone

    I'm sure xcloud experience will improve over time. I pre-ordered a steam deck just waiting in queue.