GeForce NOW Adds 1440p/120 fps Streaming in Web Browsers

Posted on August 19, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 0 Comments

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game streaming service now supports streaming at 1440p and 120 fps in Chrome and Edge web browsers on PC.

“GeForce NOW makes the up-grade with support for higher resolutions and frame rates in Chrome browser on PC,” a new post to the GeForce NOW blog notes. “GeForce NOW streams the best PC games across nearly all devices, including low-powered PCs with a Chrome or Edge browser.”

GeForce NOW is available in multiple tiers, including a free tier that limits play time to one hour, a $9.99 per month Priority tier that supports up to 1080p/60 fps gaming and 6-hour play sessions, and a $19.99 per month RTX 3080 tier that supports up to 4K resolutions at up to 120 fps and 8-hour play sessions.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that the new resolution support is only available on that highest tier. But what’s new is that this works in supported web browsers, meaning that you don’t need to download and install the app first.

GeForce NOW also has over 1,300 games in its library, and NVIDIA is announcing six more additions: Century: Age of Ashes (Steam), Clanfolk (Steam), Coromon (Steam), HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Steam), Phoenix Point (Epic Games Store), and Thymesia (Steam).

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