Nintendo Lowers Switch Sales Forecast for 2022

Posted on November 8, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 1 Comment

As part of its quarterly earnings report, Nintendo said that it expects to sell 2 million fewer Switch consoles this year: 19 million vs. 21 million units. But the firm has sold 114.33 million Switch units to date, making it one of the best-selling videogame consoles of all time.

Nintendo posted an operating profit of $810 million on revenues of $2.38 billion for the quarter ending September 20, 2022.

“By continually working to front-load production and selecting appropriate transportation methods in preparation for the holiday season, we will work to deliver as many consoles as possible to consumers in every region of the world,” a Nintendo statement noted, with the firm stating that it has seen “a recovery trend in hardware manufacturing for the Switch” that should lead to fewer supply constraints in the holiday quarter.

Nintendo sold 6.68 million Switch consoles in the previous quarter. 3.53 million of them were the OLED model, 2.23 million were the original model, and 0.92 million were the Switch Lite. With over 114 million units sold, Switch sales should surpass those of the PlayStation 4 and Game Boy/Game Boy Color to become the third best-selling console of all time, behind only the Nintendo DS (154 million units) and PlayStation 2 (155+ million units).

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