Thurrott Daily: November 30

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Thurrott Daily: November 30

Leaf in ice: From Thanksgiving morning two years ago (Lumia 1020)

Good morning. It’s the last day of November. Already. Somehow.

15/11/30 4:04:41 PM

Apple Music is finally coming to Sonos

Sonos revealed today that it will finally be adding support for Apple Music, albeit in beta form, starting December 15. Is this is something you want to do, you will need to sign-up for the beta now.

To do so, open the Sonos app and navigate to Settings and then Advanced Settings. The, select Beta Program and then Join the Beta Program. You’ll be notified on December 15 to use the beta version of Apple Music on Sonos.

15/11/30 1:08:35 PM

Microsoft partners with Autodesk on HoloLens solution

Microsoft is partnering with Autodesk on a HoloLens solution called Fusion 360 that the sotware giants says could change the way industrial designers, mechanical engineers and other product development fields work together.

Fusion 360 is the ultimate cloud-based 3D design collaboration tool for product designers and engineers. A natural partner for HoloLens–which we think is the best 3D content visualizer on the planet.

When you’re designing in 3D, viewing content in 3D is an incredible advantage. For designers and engineers using Fusion 360, this also means more effective validation of 3D models–which could mean fewer physical prototypes.

More info is available from Autodesk and from this YouTube video.

Will they or won’t they? Rumor says Apple will remove the headphone jack from next iPhone

This isn’t particularly interesting, but I do sort of enjoy how different publications cover the same story. By which I mean, enjoy the sucking up.

For example:

The iPhone 7 may not have a 3.5mm headphone jack and that’s okay

Why the iPhone 7’s most radical design change might not be such a big deal

I could only find one critical headline in a sea of news stories about this topic:

This could be the most irritating thing Apple has EVER done

15/11/30 11:09:44 AM

Microsoft adds one more day to 10 days of deals

Microsoft announced this morning that it’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals in the Windows Store was such a success that it’s adding one more day.

Here is one last roundup of 10 cent deals on Movies, Music, Apps and Games. There are also great deals for those of you on Windows 10 Mobile, simply visit the Store on your phone to check those out.

Movies: Furious 7, Tomorrowland, Frozen 
Music: The Weeknd – Trilogy, Drake – Nothing Was The Same, Imagine Dragons – Night Visions 
Games: Angry Birds StarWars, Hitman GO 
Apps: Back to the Drawing Board, IM+Pro

15/11/30 9:01:00 AM

Microsoft’s Cyber Monday deals are live

So head on over to the Microsoft Store and see what’s available. Some notable bargains: $150 off Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, $10 off Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions, $50 off standalone Office suites, 50 percent off select Xbox One games (Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is just $15, that’s a steal), and more.

Microsoft shutters HoloLens development in Israel

According to a translated version of this Ynet report, Microsoft is shutting down its Israel-based HoloLens team.

60 engineers employed at Microsoft Israel revealed today (Sunday) that the company abruptly decided to stop the project it worked. Ynet has learned. About half the work of the engineers, employed as contract workers, was terminated immediately.

This is a group that worked on the project Hololns (HoloLens) for the development of augmented reality glasses based on technology developed by Israeli start-up acquired by Microsoft six years ago. Wednesday, one of the engineers who was working for the group that worked on the project, says that now they have announced today its decision to stop the project and continue development through a different technology, produced in the United States.

“We are working on this project for two years and a half, 30 Microsoft employees and 30 contract workers,” he said Wednesday, was recruited to the Company as an employee of the minyan for the project. “Today they told us to clear out the Group and contractor employees were laid off immediately and not return to work tomorrow. To permanent employees, like me, have given a month to find another job within the company, and those who will probably receive my notice at the end of the month.”

Thanks to Mark B. for the tip.

Image of supposed canceled Microsoft tablet leaked

I have never heard of such a thing and, perhaps tellingly, there are no details at all about this supposed Microsoft tablet, codenamed Mercury. Just that it looks like a giant Lumia phone and comes in cyan, so it must be real. Is it? I have no idea.



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