Microsoft Announces Major Milestones for Xbox, Surface, and Lumia

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Microsoft Announces Major Milestones for Xbox, Surface, and Lumia

Windows 10 isn’t the only Microsoft product in the spotlight today: Microsoft has revealed major new milestones for its Windows 10-based Xbox One, Surface Book, and Lumia as well.

Xbox: Best year, best holiday season ever

Microsoft claims that “2015 was the biggest year in Xbox history, – with Xbox One setting record global engagement and sales,” and that the 2015 holiday season was the best-ever as well. “On December 28 there were more fans using Xbox Live than any other day in Xbox history,” Microsoft says. “Now running Windows 10, Xbox One is faster and more social following the release of the New Xbox One Experience. Windows 10 makes all gaming better with a consistent gaming experience across devices by extending Xbox Live to every screen.”

Surface Book: coming to 10 new markets

Currently available only in the US and Canada, and hampered by endemic reliability issues, Microsoft’s Surface Book will soon be available in 10 new markets. The device is already available for pre-order in China and Hong Kong, and customers in Austria, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Japan will be able to pre-order Surface Book soon.

Here’s the exact schedule:

  • China and Hong Kong on January 15.
  • Australia and New Zealand on January 28.
  • Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom on February 18.
  • Japan TBD

Microsoft says it is “also excited to bring Surface Pro to India in the coming weeks.”

Lumia 950 and 950 XL: demand is outstripping supply

OK, it’s probably no surprise that the Lumia announcement is the least interesting: Microsoft says that its Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are now available worldwide and are “off to a great start.” These “first Windows 10 phones” are so popular, Microsoft claims, that “initial demand is outstripping its supply.” “We’re working actively to resupply the many stores which ran out of initial stock,” Microsoft says.

I know, I know. They probably made 13 of them. We’ve heard the jokes. Time to move on.


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