Thurrott Daily: July 16

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Thurrott Daily: July 16

Tech tidbits from around the web.

7/16/2016 12:31:50 PM

Check out this game play footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

As you may know, the upcoming game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is arriving this fall with a second game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which is itself even more eagerly anticipated by fans. It will feature the full campaign of the original game, plus 10 multiplayer levels and … oh my. Does it look good.

This recently-released game play trailer highlights a single (and famous) COD:MW level, Crew Expendable (it’s a favorite multiplayer map, too), and is worth watching. But pay particular attention to the final minute or so—starting at the 6:25 point—for quick peeks at the rest of the game too. It’s pretty impressive.

Yes, Virginia, the HP Elite x3 is very expensive

As promised and by design, HP has priced the HP Elite x3 well beyond the reach of most individuals. According to WinBetathe HP site no longer lists the price—it will cost $800 to purchase in the United States.

The U.S. HP site has the Elite X3 price at a hefty $799, placing it firmly in the smartphone stratosphere. Note that it’s always possible for prices to change by the time the smartphone actually ships, and so if you think this pricing is out of line with anything you’re will to pay yourself, then hold tight until the official release before pulling out your pitchfork.

OK, that’s just terrible. So let me explain. This price is purposefully expensive. This phone is designed for businesses that buy them in bulk as part of a wide-ranging services plan, so you save by buying more. Since individuals can only buy one at a time, the price is high.

It would appear that HP is unconcerned about the Elite X3’s popularity among consumers.

Right. They’ve explicitly stated this.

Gears of War 4 Limited Edition 2 TB Bundle is the first custom Xbox One S

Given the base white design of the Xbox One S, and the fact that Microsoft is already selling fully customizable Xbox controllers, it’s not hard to imagine the company getting into customizable consoles, too, where you can pick whatever color and material schemes you like. That’s not happening yet. But it has at least announced the first custom Xbox One S. Which, sadly, is kind of ugly. To be, anyway.

Today, we’re excited to expand our collection of hardware and accessories even further by introducing the Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Limited Edition 2TB Bundle: the first-ever custom-designed Xbox One S bundle, available for pre-order today.

We were inspired by the idea of creating something that looks as if it were lifted right out of the game: a console that bears the battle marks of surviving a desperate fight against Gears of War 4’s ferocious new enemies – the Swarm. Advances in technology and manufacturing techniques really let us free up our imaginations. From the laser-etched scratches, to the bloody thumbprint on the controller’s red metallic D-pad and the iconic Crimson Omen, we looked closely at what we could do with every piece of hardware.

On the good news front, this version of the console includes a 2 TB hard drive (no word on whether it’s a hybrid unit), and of course comes with a full game download of Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition for both Xbox One and Windows 10 (featuring cross-play support in all co-op modes), a $99 value. It will cost $449.

Microsoft Flow now available on the Google Play Store as a beta

Neowin reports that Microsoft’s IFTTT-like Flow app is now available on Android too. In a limited release, apparently.

Users having a valid work or school account registered with Microsoft, can use the application, since the core service hasn’t been opened up to the public yet. Using Flow, users can set up various triggers and actions across various supported services. Some of the services seen in the app’s Play Store listing include Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

You can find the limited Flow for Android Beta in the Google Play Store. While supplies last.

PlayStation 4K specs have leaked

VG24/7 reports on a big leak.

The documents that kicked off the PS4 Neo leaks from a couple of months ago seem to have themselves leaked online.

The 42-page presentation is pretty comprehensive, covering everything from development tricks to reach 4K or near 4K resolution in games, to some dates for when prototype units are to be expected.

Although we have not verified the veracity of the documents, they do appear legit, if outdated. That aside, these documents are more than likely what the recent reports were based on, seeing as how plenty of details (like specs, target release date etc.) are a match.

Looking through the material, a couple of points stand out. First, Sony is emphasising more than once that the Neo will coexist with the original PS4, with both using the same store, system software, application package and online services. Sony also mentioned in the slides that PS4 games released October, 2016 or later should support both systems.

So just like Xbox One. No surprises there.

Sadly, the leaked documents have been since removed.

Google makes it easier to vote in the U.S.

Google does it’s part for democracy.

Every election matters and every vote counts. The American democracy relies on everyone’s participation in the political process. This November, Americans all across the country will line up at the polls to cast their ballots for the President of the United States. With states’ varied deadlines and methods, the voter registration process can be tricky. So starting on Monday, we’re introducing a new tool in Search to simplify the voter registration process to make it easier for you to have your voice heard.

Now when you search for “register to vote” or similar queries, Google will display a detailed state-by-state guide providing information on how to register, general requirements, and deadlines.

Nice. Now let’s just hope the people who really need this tool find out about it and can get out to the voting booths for a change.

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