Thurrott Daily: August 24

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Thurrott Daily: August 24

Tech tidbits from around the web.

8/24/2016 5:34:36 PM

Windows 95 turns 21 today

As I noted on Twitter, “Windows 95 is old enough to drink today. Nice, since it made so many people want to do the same.” But I kid. I’m only here today because of Windows 95.

Here’s the launch commercial, always a classic.

Microsoft announces App Dev on Xbox live event

Interested in how you can get your UWP apps onto the Xbox One? Well, you’re going to want to watch this live event.

With upcoming Dev Center features, developers will be able to submit apps for Xbox One among other devices.

With so many great new features and APIs to talk about, we are excited to announce the “App Dev on Xbox” live online event where engineers will spend one day covering the new Anniversary Update SDK capabilities that enable you to build great app experiences for the TV and across other device form factors. The event will cover topics around:

  • the Anniversary Update SDK and getting started with app development on Xbox One
  • deep dive into developing apps using both XAML and Web technologies
  • guidance for designing and creating impressive TV experiences and
  • submitting your apps via the Dev Center to all UWP devices including the Xbox

Sign up here.

Microsoft makes the case for Edge on Mobile

And confirms that it’s a UWP app. Here.

Because Microsoft Edge is built on the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft Edge in Continuum is able to provide a full desktop browser experience.

Continuum allows Windows 10 Mobile users to have a PC-like experience when connected to an external display and a mouse and keyboard. When connected (via a wired dock or via Bluetooth and Miracast), Universal Windows Apps like Office and Microsoft Edge will adapt their interface and behavior to provide a desktop-like experience tailored to mouse and keyboard input.

Microsoft Edge in Continuum is nearly indistinguishable from its PC twin, which is a fun party trick when presenting at events or in meetings!

Job listing suggests that Xbox One games will require emulation on Project Scorpio

So, I don’t actually think the job posting suggests that. But Neowin does.

The Redmond firm is looking to hire a senior software engineer to work with the Xbox Compatibility team. This is the same group that made Xbox 360 games backward compatible with the Xbox One, so presumably, the same must be done for Xbox One games and Project Scorpio.

The job listing reads:

We are the Xbox Compatibility team. Our mission is to bring the 360 game catalog to the Xbox One, and Xbox One catalog to Project Scorpio.

So. “Compatibility” doesn’t mean “emulation.” But it’s reasonable that Xbox One games would need to be massaged to run correctly on what we believe to be much more powerful hardware.

“Instapaper is joining Pinterest”

Two things that no one should give a crap about are becoming one thing no one should give a crap about.


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