Thurrott Daily: August 29

Thurrott Daily: August 29

Tech tidbits from around the web.

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Possible workaround for the Kindle BSOD issue on Windows 10 version 1607

A reader offered me the following via email:

I’ve stumbled across a work-around for the kindle crash issue with the latest W10 update. As with many people, I have a Paperwhite which will cause a BSOD when connected via USB.But if you connect the kindle before powering your PC up, Windows will boot just fine, and you have full access to the kindle. I’ve happily used Calibre to move over several books in the past half hour. I hope you find this little tidbit helpful.

Indeed I do, thanks!

New Minecraft content adds bosses, more

Microsoft is adding bosses to Minecraft. You know, like the bosses from Duke Nukem 3D and countless 90s video games.

Soon Pocket Edition/Windows 10 players will have access to some of the most ferocious mobs we’ve ever devised. But we’re not stopping there – the update will also include ocean monuments and the trinkets to explore them, a bunch of new blocks, beacons, and Slash commands. We’re calling it The Boss Update because it includes bosses, is “boss” in nature, and is in charge of hiring and firing all the other updates released so far.

The Boss Update will be available as a free update soon-ish for all Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Gear VR Edition players

We’re also bringing Slash commands to Pocket and Windows 10 Editions of Minecraft. They give you the chance to tweak the way the game plays – you can give items away, summon mobs, change the time of day, and lots more, all while playing the game. This update included 20 commands but we’ll be adding more in the future.

If you’re a Minecraft fan with an Android phone, you can also sign up here to access the beta version and help make it better.

Photos app is coming to Xbox One, because obviously it is

MSPowerUser notes that the Windows 10 Photos app is coming to Windows 10, which makes tons of sense.

The [Windows 10] Photos app has shown up in the [Xbox] store. While it is available to download, you’ll only see a “coming soon” screen when you open it up.

The Windows Maps app also has appeared in a similar fashion, and it’s only a matter of time until both of them become fully available. With Microsoft Groove recently gaining a UWP app on the Xbox, one would assume that the wait won’t be too much longer.


Duke Nukem is being remixed

Because Duke Nukem Forever was so good and delivered on such a timely basis, the team behind so many of my shattered dreams is coming back for more. By which I mean, the Duke Nukem web site has been updated with a promo graphic noting that it is the “20th anniversary” of something—Duke Nukem 3D, the only game in the series anyone actually remembers as being any good—and that some new information is “coming soon.” A new game? A remake?

Yes, a remake. At least according to Reddit.

Somebody just recently leaked to me details on the new Duke Nukem title being teased on . It is called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, and it is being developed by Nerve Software. The leaker sent me screenshots. According to the leak….

“This is a Duke 3D remaster. In many ways, you can look at this game as a Duke Nukem 3D remix as there will be a lot of new/original content added in as well. From my understanding, these screens are just a handful out of a bunch of press shots that will be coming out in the following days.”

Based on the screenshots, it’s not going to look that great. After all, Duke Nuke 3D wasn’t really 3D like Quake, so there’s only so much you can do with actual pixels. Still, might be interesting.


Xbox Fitness refunds are on the way

As you may recall, Microsoft announced that it was killing Xbox Fitness for Xbox One a few months back. But now a FAQ explains that some users might be getting refunds too.

Customers who purchased Xbox Fitness content will be eligible to receive a credit into their Microsoft account equivalent to the content amount they purchased. Credits will be deposited directly to their Microsoft account and can be used to make purchases in the Xbox and Windows Stores.

Credits will vary for each customer. Your credit will be for an equivalent amount to your purchases in Xbox Fitness – i.e., if you bought a $12 workout video you will receive a $12 credit.

Xbox Fitness users will receive their credit within 90 days [and] unused credits will expire one year from the day of deposit.

Thanks to Windows Central for the tip.


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