Xbox Preview Members Get Arena on Xbox Live, More Today

Posted on October 3, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10, Xbox One with 3 Comments

Xbox Preview Members Get Arena on Xbox Live, More Today

Microsoft has begun rolling out Arena on Xbox Live and other new features to the Xbox Preview Program, which includes the Xbox One and the Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10.

Arena is designed as an online tournaments platform, an eSports experience, basically, where Xbox Live subscribers can game competitively. As you may recall, it was announced at E3 alongside features like Clubs and Looking for Group (LFG), both of which entered preview a month ago.

But today’s first preview of Arena is quite limited, Microsoft says: It only works with Killer Instinct, only in practice tournaments on Xbox One, and only in the U.S. for now. Naturally, Microsoft will expand availability and functionality as we move forward.

If you are interested in competing in Arena using Killer Instinct, open its game hub and register on the Tournament tab.

Other new features coming to the Xbox Preview Program today include:


Achievement Rarity. A top fan request, Achievement Rarity helps you to discover how unique any Achievement is. Rare achievements are presented with a special notification that includes a diamond icon and a new animation.

New Looking for Group (LFG) features. Now, you can create LFG posts for future gaming sessions up to seven days in advance, create LFG posts directly in a Club and control who sees them, and make note of what language the party will be speaking and filter your LFG searches based on the language.


Group Messaging. Group Messaging launched on Xbox One and the Xbox app (beta) on Windows 10 PC last week, and it’s coming to Xbox app (beta) on Android and iOS soon. This feature lets send a single message to everyone in a group, add people to the group, and dynamically change the conversation topic.


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