Thurrott Daily: December 13

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Games, iOS, Mobile, Windows 10, Xbox 360, Xbox One with 20 Comments

Thurrott Daily: December 13

It’s been a while, sorry. Here are some tech tidbits from around the web.

12/13/2016 3:45:12 PM

Bioshock series comes to Xbox One backwards compatibility

Yes, the Bioshock games have already been remastered and are available in Bioshock: The Collection. But if you’re an Xbox One user who already owns one or more of the original Xbox 360 versions of those games, here’s some good news: They can be played now on the Xbox One too, as Microsoft notes.

We’re pleased to announce that the original Bioshock games for the Xbox 360 are now playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility. To relive the experience with the game you already own, would you kindly check the “Ready to Install” section of your Xbox One if you own it digitally or pop the physical disc into your Xbox One?

There are now over 300 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One! We’ve come a long way from the original 104 available titles, and we will continue to work with our publishing partners to grow our library and update you each week when new releases are available.

Please ignore the idiot

I don’t usually go after individuals, but this one requires an exception: This buffoon has made a career out of crapping on Microsoft, and after writing an amazing inaccurate article about how Microsoft was allegedly saying goodbye to the MS-DOS command prompt, he’s had to issue a correction because it was all wrong. So naturally, this guy blames Microsoft.

Now Microsoft is saying that the MS-DOS command prompt cmd will continue to live on.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “Microsoft is not removing Cmd from Windows, but rather changing the default shell, launched via File Explorer and the [Win] + [X] power-user menu, from Cmd to PowerShell. Users can opt to change the default shell back to Cmd via Settings and can continue to launch whichever shell they prefer, be it Cmd, PowerShell, or Bash (if enabled) via the Start menu. The Windows Cmd shell has a long heritage and is an essential tool used by millions of businesses, users, and developers every day. It remains an integral part of Windows.”

This isn’t new. You just got it wrong. Way to own up to it.

Bing’s top searches of 2016

Microsoft has issued its list of the top Bing searches for 2016. I will of course ignore the celebrity searches.

From stories that tugged our heart strings to memes that made us LOL, we spent 2016 searching for what we loved. Discover the moments from the past year you may have missed and meet the trends that will shape our future.

Chrome Beta now marks HTTP websites with password and credit card fields as ‘Not secure’

Neowin reports on a nice trend towards the death of non-secure web sites:

Chrome 56 Beta comes with plenty of new features for web developers, but the security feature targeted towards users is an important one, as many of them aren’t aware of the risks of entering sensitive information over non-HTTPS connections. Mozilla is also taking a similar approach and has released a developer version of its browser that flags such webpages.

HTTP sites which contain password and credit-card fields will be shown as “Not secure” in the address bar. In the future, Google will be marking all websites as such but is currently taking small steps towards the goal.

This is why has been HTTPS since the beginning, by the way.

Apple Begins Selling AirPod Wireless Headphones After Two-Month Delay

The Wall Street Journal reports that our national nightmare is over.

Apple on Tuesday began selling its AirPod wireless headphones after a nearly two-month delay that ate into holiday sales.

The company said AirPods, which it initially said would go on sale in October, would be shipped in “limited quantities” at launch. They are expected to be available in 100 countries, including the U.S., Canada, China, Germany and Japan.

Apple declined to say how many units would be available or why the AirPods were delayed.

Dropbox now has an Xbox One app

Not sure why this is a huge need, but The Verge will explain it for me:

Since the Xbox One runs a universal version of Windows 10, it’s easier then ever for developers to make apps for the video game console. Thus, we now have a Dropbox app for Xbox One.

I suppose it could be useful for getting slideshows of family pictures or ripped DVDs to play on your Xbox, assuming you use Dropbox to store things like that.

Sounds impressive.

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