Google Stadia Pro Quietly Adds 4K Support on Web

Posted on March 5, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Google Stadia with 3 Comments

The company hasn’t officially announced this yet, but Stadia Pro customers can now play in 4K on the web if your connection is fast enough. This capability was previously available only via Chromecast Ultra.

News of the 4K support came via Reddit, where a user posted the shot above. Previously, web users of Stadia were limited to 1080p.

To achieve 4K gaming on the web, however, you’ll need to meet a few requirements. First, your Internet connection speed must be rated as “Excellent” by Stadia, which translates to 35 Mbps or faster. (That said, some have apparently seen it with a “Good” or even “OK” connection.) Second, you need to use the Stadia+ extension for Chrome, which I assume will work in any Chromium-based browser. Oh, and you need a paid Pro account too.

Google revealed that it would add 4K gaming to Stadia on the web in January as part of a 2020 roadmap announcement. The firm also promised to add wireless gameplay on the web, and other new features, before April, but there’s no word yet that that feature is available now as well. So keep that USB cable handy.

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3 responses to “Google Stadia Pro Quietly Adds 4K Support on Web”

  1. rm

    Wait, there is someone dumb enough to use this service?!?! So many better ones to choice from . . .