Living with Game Streaming: Google Stadia + Chromebook (Premium)


In Living with Game Streaming: Google Stadia (Premium), I noted that I had tested Stadia, Google’s game streaming service, using several different configurations. This is true, but something had been gnawing at me since posting that article, until I finally realized what it was: I hadn’t tested one important Stadia configuration. And as it turns out, this is the best one yet.

That configuration? A Chromebook with the Stadia controller. As is the case on Windows or any other desktop system, you can access Stadia via the Chrome web browser that’s central to the Chrome OS experience, and you link the controller---wirelessly or via a USB cable---in the same ways as well. The difference? Unlike with Windows, the combination of a Chromebook and a Stadia controller provided my best-ever Stadia experience from a lag/latency perspective.

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