Microsoft Releases Completely New Xbox App on Android

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Games, Mobile gaming, Xbox with 6 Comments

The Xbox app for Android has been “completely rewritten from the ground up,” and provides several useful new features.

“An all-new Xbox app (Beta) on mobile is now available on Android phones and tablets,” Microsoft announced. “The new Xbox app (Beta) has been rewritten from the ground up making it easier for all gamers to stay connected to your friends, games[,] and fun at home or on the go, no matter what device they prefer to play on. Your friends and parties can stay with you via voice and text chat, even if they’re on console or PC.”

Here’s what’s new.

Xbox remote play. This is the biggest news: The feature previously known as Xbox Console Streaming (Preview) is now available for all gamers, letting you stream games installed to your console to your phone.

Xbox Series X and Series S integration. When Microsoft’s new consoles launch in November, you can set one up using the mobile app. And once it’s set up, you can use the app to install any game to your console, manage your game library to free up space, or as a remote control.

Unified notification inbox. A new, unified notification inbox lets you receive and clear your notifications for new party invites, messages, and more from a single place on your phone.

Share. The new share feature makes it easier to share game clips and screenshots from your console to your favorite gaming and social networks.

Profile highlights. Now, game clips and screenshots shared with the Xbox community will be showcased in the new Highlights section of your Profile on mobile.

Search improvements. The new Xbox app (Beta) includes improved game and people search, with search results unified in a single easy-to-find location.

You can download the new Xbox app (Beta) for Android from the Google Play Store.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Releases Completely New Xbox App on Android”

  1. JacobTheDev

    Seems to be missing a number of features:

    • Can't view achievements
    • Can't make purchases
    • Can't edit profile

    I know for a fact at least the first two items where present in the old app, really hoping they get added to this updated version.

  2. cgjerdingen

    Woot, woot!! Just played Red Dead Redemption II from my Console on my phone in my living room, what fun!!!

  3. Jorge Garcia

    I am giddy that Xbox might be "the thing" that finally makes Android (the "knock off iOS") cool in the USA. People hate when I say this, but Android IS the "World's OS" for the foreseeable future and when Google makes it too proprietary to tolerate, then hopefully something else comes along and takes its place (ideally with the ability to sideload the legacy APKs lol).

    • ghostrider

      In reply to JG1170:

      Android is a better OS. You can make it your OS anyway you want - choice is the key word. iOS will always be Apple's OS, and Apple will define how you use it and what they allow you to do with it. Why people can't see this is beyond me.

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