Halo 3 Arrives on PC Next Week

Posted on July 7, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in PC gaming, Xbox with 1 Comment

Microsoft announced today that Halo 3 will ship as part of the Master Chief Collection on PC next week, on July 14.

“On July 14, Spartans will be able to Finish the Fight between the Covenant, the Flood[,] and the entire human race in the dramatic, pulse-pounding conclusion to the original Halo trilogy,” Microsoft tells me. “Relive 11 unforgettable missions and fight through 24 multiplayer maps, complete with enhanced Spartan customization and an all-new progression system spanning each game within ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection.’ What’s more, players can tap into their inner designer with the power of an updated and expanded Forge that allows players to create the multiplayer maps of their dreams and utilize the Theater to commemorate their greatest triumphs.”

The release of Halo 3 next week follows previous MCC releases such as Halo 2 in May, Halo: Combat Evolved in March, and Halo Reach in December 2019. I recall Halo 3 as the high-point in the series, and I actually played through the single-player campaign several times. I’m looking forward to doing so again.

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One response to “Halo 3 Arrives on PC Next Week”

  1. bleeman

    Halo 3 was my first exposure to the franchise. I had a brand new Xbox 360 (I'd been a PlayStation owner up to that point) and was attending one of the now long gone TS2 Seminars from Microsoft. I won a copy of the game and didn't get much sleep my first night with it. ? I've never been that good at it, but I still enjoy playing it all the same.