Apple TV+, Media Remote are Coming to PlayStation 5

Posted on October 22, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in PlayStation, Music + Videos, Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube with 16 Comments

Apple TV+ will be among several top-tier media services available on the PlayStation 5 when it launches next month, Sony said today.

“We know that for many of you, your PlayStation console doesn’t get shut off when you’re done playing games,” Sony’s Phil Rosenberg writes. “Entertainment like movies, TV shows, music, and gaming livestreams only add to the PlayStation experience. As we continue on our road to PS5 launch, we’re pleased to announce some of the entertainment apps scheduled to hit the PS5 console on day one, with more apps to come in the future.”

Those apps are:

  • Apple TV+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Sony also says that Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock, and other services will be added soon.

Additionally, Sony says that it will have a new Media Remote available for the PS5 at launch, but it provided no pricing information.

“Users can power on the PS5 console and quickly navigate media with built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse controls,” Rosenberg says of the remote. “The remote also lets users adjust volume and power settings on compatible TVs, and also features dedicated launch buttons for the following entertainment apps, Disney+ Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.”

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Apple TV+, Media Remote are Coming to PlayStation 5”

  1. kshsystems

    Is Sony going to charge Apple a 30% Vig for every new program on Apple TV+?

  2. scovious

    Announcements like this aren't required for Xbox because unlike Sony who threw away their entire Playstation OS and started from scratch, Microsoft just continued developing and improving their Xbox OS like they always have with Windows - maintaining backwards compatibility and the entire feature set. All entertainment apps can work on the new console without rewriting from developers. I guess that means the Xbox has more robust software, and hardware.

  3. whistlerpro

    Gorgeous remote, pity about those sponsored buttons though...

  4. daveevad

    TV, TV, TV, Blah, Blah, Blah...Can I use it on a submarine?!

    ; )

  5. Big_Swifty

    Now that Sony and the Playstation is doing this it must mean that it is now acceptable and all the hatred leveled at the XBOX when they provided a remote and entertainment options in addition to gaming was somehow a mistake. This was one of the primary reasons that people said the XBOX One failed compared to the PS4, having the option to provide entertainment apps as well as gaming. And if Apple had a console and did that at this late date they would have been given full credit for inventing the concept!

    • sammyg

      In reply to Big_Swifty:

      Xbox One "failed" in comparison to the PS4 because of Microsoft's usual mixed messaging and this was very strong at launch. Microsoft has a problem with messaging (and naming) and probably will never get over it. Perfect example is OneNote....which version should users use, is a common call at our Help Desk since the brought back the OneNote 2016 client and our users, all on Office365 now have both versions.

      That said Phil Spencer has turned that around big time since taking over the Xbox group. This time around the Xbox messaging is clear and strong around the Xbox offerings. We have seen almost nothing when it comes to the actual PS5 and game play. Yet the XSX has been in the hands of many YouTube channels and we have seen lots of content all of it positive. Well played by Microsoft and Sony is only helping them with their silence.

    • thretosix

      In reply to Big_Swifty:

      I wish Microsoft would have kept support for the Kinect as well as things like the HDMI input. It's nice that the system will work with other devices such as ones that support Google Assistant to control some aspects. The Kinect is great for people who want to Skype over the console, chat while playing games, those who want to stream. The HDMI input is nice when you run out of ports on your TV. I'll get over it, just like the removal of the SPDIF optical port. The fact that the media remote that launched with the Xbox One is no longer available is upsetting. I thought it was perfect for using media without turning on a controller. The Talon media remote is too big in my opinion and way more buttons than I care to use.

      Sony seems to have gone back to it's PS3 days where it did everything that they scolded the Xbox One for by bringing back the Eye Toy, etc. Essentially it's only a good idea if Sony does it marketing. I'm not going to knock the VR headset but it seems to be a niche market. I fully expect the Series X to support VR soon, likely using existing hardware people use on the PC.

      • Big_Swifty

        In reply to Thretosix:

        Yes, that last paragraph describes why I quit buying Sony consoles after the PS3. First they said that you couldn't have vibration in the controller because of the six axis stuff. Then one day vibration showed up in the controller. They said it was stupid that Microsoft was doing software emulation for backward compatibility and that the PS3 was better because it had hardware emulation built in. Then they took the chips out and said software emulation was the way to go. At that point I lost all trust and confidence I had as a Sony Playstation customer from the first PS1 release.

    • Greg Green

      In reply to Big_Swifty:

      I think the criticism was deserved. It wasn’t that Xbox One provided media options, it was designed as a media center, with gaming as an option.

      PS5 is still a gaming platform, with media as an option. That’s what the Xbox one eventually returned to.

  6. Mike_Peluso

    Buttons for specific video services are paid for by the service providers which is why they are on practically every new remote design. I hate them as I only subscribe to one service, and soon will let that one expire. It seems such a waste to me, plus they are pretty ugly when considering some remote designs. I really wish they were programable buttons so I could use them in the way I want too.

  7. beckoningeagle

    I hate pre-assigned app launch buttons. I hope they can be re-assigned by the user.

  8. rm

    I think every show needs to be added to the Play Station Store so it can be properly rated! Just like Apple is requiring of game streaming apps on the app store.

  9. gregsedwards

    Any news about Apple TV+ coming to the Chromecast with Google TV?