Sony Has Sold 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles

Posted on July 28, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in PlayStation with 16 Comments

Sony, like Microsoft, is now claiming that its latest videogame consoles are its fast-selling ever. It has sold over 10 million PlayStation 5s.

“We are thrilled to announce that as of July 18th, 2021, we have sold more than 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles globally,” Sony senior vice president Veronica Rogers announced. “This makes PS5 the fastest-selling console in the history of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and we couldn’t be more excited about the amazing response of our fans.”

Excited is kind of a tough word, given that most of the people who want a PlayStation 5 can’t even find a console in stores because of ongoing component shortages. But then, that makes this milestone—as with Microsoft’s—all the more impressive. Imagine how many consoles Sony could have sold if it could have made more of them?

Rogers barely addresses this problem, noting only that SIE is “making steady progress with available global supply and can’t wait for the day when everyone who wants a PS5 can easily get one.” I bet.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Sony Has Sold 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles”

  1. will

    Has Microsoft said how many Xbox consoles they have sold with the latest generation?

  2. rossdelliott

    Does a console purchased at Best Buy and then sold on Ebay for three times the value count as 2 or 4 consoles sold?

  3. mefree

    How exactly??? All to scalpers? Still can't find any at market price anywhere.

  4. crunchyfrog

    I'm sure that a high percentage of the 10 million went to bots and other scalpers. I wish tech companies would squash this blight by helping its actual customers get a unit before these malcontents do.

  5. tallguyse

    Seems like selling to customers who have an active PSN account would be one way to go. Or for retailer like Best Buy and Target, having a valid rewards account. I would think those would be harder for the bots to target.

  6. bettyblue

    Over on Ebay you will find most of those 10million. In the past I have bought both consoles, once they were cheaper. I was a big fan of MLB the show and a few other exclusives but really MLB.

    Now MLB the show is on Game pass.....and there is NOTHING like Game Pass on the PS, so I am not sure if I will buy a PS5 this generation. The few other exclusives I played were more because I had a play station vs I really wanted the game.

    • bettyblue

      Since I can't edit my comments anymore....I just Googled "Ebay PS5" and the first option on Ebay was seller, offering the PS5 Disc version for $899 and bragging they had sold 46 so far. Scalpers.

  7. MoopMeep

    Didnt phil spencer say something like you should get the console you like? Dont worry how many sony has sold, enjoy the console you have. All three systems are all great

    • miamimauler


      Just fanboys being fanboys unfortunately.

      They feel the need to bring down any positive result by their opposing tribe.

  8. nbplopes

    Heheh, The no stock strategy has payed. Can’t find one anywhere …. But still the fastest sale …. Hehheheh.

    • nbplopes

      From the biggest launch flops due to lack of stock to the fastest selling ever …

  9. bkkcanuck

    Wasn't the sales numbers for the last generations fairly close early on, then as the years went on Sony pulled away? Also the sales numbers are impressive in comparison to history -- given that so many people have been frustrated and not been able to get one...