Microsoft Shows off Xbox Series X CPU

Posted on January 6, 2020 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox Series X with 7 Comments

With a surprise announcement last month, Microsoft continues to trickle out information related to its next-generation console, the Series X. With an update to his Twitter profile today, Phil Spencer showed off the next-generation CPU.

While we can’t conclude too many details from the image, it is our first look at the next generation component. In the bottom left, we can see an 8K for the resolution it can output, in the top left is an Xbox logo, and there is a QR code on the chip as well but I can’t get it to scan yet, unfortunately.

While the chip is a copper color, this is more likely because of the lighting in the room and not the actual color of the component. Spencer said he will carry this chip with him much like he did with the Xbox One X chip before its release.

If you compare the chips, and Ken Heslip created an overlay (below), you can see that the core component is significantly larger than the outgoing Xbox One X CPU. With a larger size and likely created at the 7nm scale, as compared to the Jaguar (Xbox One CPU) at 16 nm, there is a lot more power packed into this larger chip than the outgoing console; if the overlay comparison is accurate.

But this also means more heat, which pushes more evidence into the pile that the series X was designed for optimal airflow and heat dispersion.

Microsoft is gearing up for a significant launch of its next-generation console. And as more info surfaces and it looks like Xbox Series X will be the most powerful console released, expect the company to highlight this fact over and over and over, again.

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