The Ports on the Xbox Series X

Posted on January 7, 2020 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox Series X with 30 Comments

Yesterday, AMD made a lot of noise in the industry with its keynote at CES. Among the new processors and other hardware announcements, the company showed off a highlight video that appeared to show the backside of the new Xbox series X.

But there was a major problem, someone at AMD purchased a render from TurboSquid and it was not accurate to what is actually shipping with the next-generation console. AMD is building the CPU/GPU for the next generation console, so when they show off the hardware, myself and many others, assumed that it would be accurate.

The problem is now that the Internet is filled with information that is showcasing the next generation Xbox series X inaccurately, the ports in the render, while not too far from the truth, are not right…let’s set the record straight.

Following this snafu, I was able to confirm with several insiders about the actual ports on the current early iterations of the hardware. Keep in mind, these may not be final and are subject to change but do come from multiple people familiar with the hardware.

As it stands right now, the series X features, on the back of the hardware, two USB-A ports (of the SuperSpeed variety), ethernet, a single HDMI port, optical audio, and a power connection. There is also another port on the back that may be used for debugging but there wasn’t an agreement on the nature of its functionality. The image at the top of this post shows a basic outline of how those ports appear on the actual hardware.

Also, on the back of the device are openings for air intake as well; all of the ports are located on the lower half of the hardware. Keep in mind, there is also a USB-A port on the front of the console but for now, it looks like Microsoft is sticking with the older USB style port.

I do wish that the series X would use Type-C as that is where the market is headed and is more user-friendly but that’s not currently be used on the early hardware iterations. As always, these ports could change before release but that’s what I am hearing the series X is using today.

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