Microsoft’s Refined Xbox One Home Design Is Now Live

Posted on February 25, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Xbox, Xbox One with 1 Comment

Microsoft has been tweaking the design of the Xbox One home screen quite a lot recently. Earlier this year, the company announced another new update to the Xbox One home design, introducing a new and improved look for the Xbox One dashboard.

At the time, the new design was only available to Insiders, and Microsoft has been actively testing the new design–along with some other new features–over the past few weeks.

This week, the company is making that update available to everyone. The company released a new update to the Xbox One system (version 10.0.18363.9135, 19h1_release_xbox_dev_2002.200219-1515) yesterday, and it brings a number of new features.

The main new feature here is obviously the new home screen. “Xbox One Home has been redesigned to feel more responsive, keep your favourite content front and centre, and get you into gaming experiences faster than ever. Featuring dedicated rows for Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community and the Microsoft Store, the new Home also includes added flexibility to add or remove rows for a customised experience,” says Microsoft.

The new update includes a number of other features like being able to configure where your notifications appear, and an improved My Games & Apps screen, so here’s a quick recap from Paul:

Updated My Games & Apps. The 2002 update will provide more ways to keep the My Games & Apps screen organized. This includes content grouping for easier navigation, labels for trials and demos, and a streamlined settings experience.

Images come to Conversations. Microsoft will allow users to view images and animated GIFs in messaging conversations with their Xbox Live friends. Images sent from the Xbox mobile app on Android, iOS, or Windows 10 will also display on the console, which will also provide a full-screen display of images too.

View and install individual games in Xbox Game Pass game bundles. Those with Xbox Game Pass will be able to control which games to install that come in game bundles made available through the subscription.

Notification improvements. You will be able to configure where notifications appear on-screen in Settings > Preferences > Notifications > Default notification position. You can choose between six different locations.

Mixer viewing improvements. You will have the option to switch your chat mode to “classic chat,” which displays chat messages in their own dedicated space beside the stream video, and will be able to manually select the video resolution at which you want to watch content.

Storage management improvements. A new “Move” option for users with external storage will let you move or remove items to free up the needed space as desired.

You should be able to get the new update on your Xbox One console straight away. The official changelog can be found on the official Xbox site here.

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One response to “Microsoft’s Refined Xbox One Home Design Is Now Live”

  1. Kendog52361

    Yeah, I turned on my Xbox One S this morning, and the new Home Screen caught me by surprise, but I think it's nice looking, overall.