Xbox Series X Will Let Gamers Resume Games Even After a Reboot

Posted on February 27, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox with 5 Comments

Microsoft kicked this week off with a major update on Xbox Series X, where the company confirmed some of the official specs of the next-generation Xbox console.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft talked about a feature called Quick Resume. And in a recent podcast, Xbox’s Larry Hryb revealed (via The Verge) an interesting tidbit about the Xbox Series X: it will allow users to resume games even after the console restarts.

“The new Quick Resume feature lets you continue multiple games from a suspended state almost instantly, returning you to where you were and what you were doing, without waiting through long loading screens,” Microsoft said earlier this week. Xbox One had a similar feature like this, but it only worked with your most recent game, while the Xbox Series X takes that to the next level and saves the state of multiple games.

This means you will be able to instantly jump between games, jump into them, or resume exactly where you left off. Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, Jason Ronald, noted in the podcast that the Quick Resume feature is able to do this thanks to the Xbox Series X’s new custom-designed SSD storage.

Quick Resume does actually sound really useful for when you need to install system updates, as being able to jump back to your game exactly where you left off after a software update could come in clutch.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Xbox Series X Will Let Gamers Resume Games Even After a Reboot”

  1. justme

    This sounds similar to a QuickSave in the PC world. That said, if an update interrupted my game, I would likely be out several hundred dollars because I would be wont to throw the controller at the screen....

  2. red77star

    So Microsoft is planning to interrupt people by automatic update like they do with Windows 10. I can see Sony winning this round as well. Sony is not over complicating but Playstation is gaming centric console and XBOX is drifting away from it.

  3. rm

    Well you can start Xbox for a lot of reasons other than an update. So, I wonder if this works even if the OS and programing API's may have changed as part of the update. . .

  4. dftf

    Clearly this will only be useful for single-player games/modes, as multiplayer or "online world" type games wouldn't work with this.

    So... wonder how useful this will be in real-life?

    Save State support for older games would be a better thing they could extend this technology to. Many GB/GBC/GBA, PS1, N64 and Saturn era games and older become much-nicer to play when you don't have to fear dying meaning doing a level over again...

  5. cawoodstock

    Anyone know if this is Xbox specific or if this is just a next gen thing that will be available on Xbox and PS?