Microsoft Has a Gorgeous New Transparent Xbox Controller

Posted on March 2, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Xbox One, Xbox with 3 Comments

Microsoft is expanding its collection of Xbox wireless controller this week. The company is introducing two new controllers that are joining the existing line of Xbox wireless controllers.

The new controllers include a new “Phantom Magneta” special edition controller part of Microsoft’s line of transparent Phantom wireless controllers. There’s also a new Arctic Camo special edition controller.

The new Phantom Magneta controller is the third controller in Microsoft’s Phantom series, and the transparent look gives it a very cool and unique aesthetic. “The design is rooted in sci-fi, influenced by the type of aesthetics found in “Ex-Machina” and “Ghost in Shell,” and blended with mysterious luxury to create totally unique designs. Highlighted by an ultra-saturated magenta color effect transitioning to translucent, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Magenta Special Edition joins the Phantom Series in a bold way,” says Microsoft.

And then there’s the new Arctic Camo special edition controller, which is only the second controller in the Camo series. It’s definitely not as cool-looking as the Phantom Magneta controller, but the design is still very unique for a game controller:

Microsoft is also releasing charging stands for the new Arctic Camo and Phantom Magneta controller to match the design of the new controllers, so you can showcase them pride wherever you want.

The new Phantom Magneta controller will be available worldwide for $69.99 from March 17, and you can pre-order today. The Arctic Camo controller will be available worldwide in May, with pre-orders open today. The charging stands for the controllers will be available in North America for $49.99.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Microsoft Has a Gorgeous New Transparent Xbox Controller”

  1. rossdelliott

    My biggest complaint about all of these controllers is the lack of color on the A/B/X/Y buttons. Yes, there's the small little colored legend in the middle of them, but the matching buttons do not help for quick recognition--and I am someone who has been playing console games for about 35 years now (started with the Intellivision!) and I find that I still apparently need to reference the buttons. I suspect much of this is because every console has a different button configuration/label, with PlayStation's shape system and Nintendo's same button labels but different positions than Xbox (A and B are swapped as are X and Y)

  2. cr08

    If they bring this color combo to the Elite Series 2 and those prove to have much better build quality than the Series 1, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat.

    So far I've been a big fan of the stock gamepad (own one if the first models produced with BT capability) and the build quality has been amazing with no visible or felt wear despite a couple years of abuse and the flexibility of using it with my PC, Android phone, or an Xbox has been nothing short of fantastic. That said I am intrigued by the Elite series controllers but worry about the build quality and longevity considering the mess with the Series 1.